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Learn economics. Topics in Economics can give even the newbie insights into how the economies of the world work with a focus on China and the USA. There are 30 topics listed with articles on those subjects, as well as a glossary of terms.
I have written a lot of vetted articles that are exclusive** to Talkmarkets. Sorting a portion of them by subject will give the reader an opportunity to make sense of it all. I am adding a glossary of terms at the bottom of this page.

For readers interested in economic subjects of the day, these top 30 themes are my efforts to make understanding economics easier.

Please keep in mind that many economic and moral decisions change as we approach the zero lower bound for interest rates. As bonds go negative, things change. That which was a moral duty when rates are 5 percent, like say lowering to 4 percent to stimulate the economy, don't work when we approach zero. 

If anything, the closer to zero that we go, the less lending and less banking stability…

The Mainstream Media Attack on US Sovereignty on Climate Change

There is a disturbing behavior taking place with mainstream media on the subject of climate change. The number of articles from US and European media opposing Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Accord compared to those backing Trump are disturbingly lopsided in terms of numbers. This does not mean that I support Trump as president. He has to go. He is a racist.

Before listing a few of these articles I have to point out that the science of global warming is in dispute. That is, it is likely that the 1. 8 degree target for the Paris Accord will do nothing to save the world from global warming. It has been said that this is not going to make a difference. Scientists have said this.

So, if it is not going to make any difference, what is the justification for the cost? The cost will be massive, in terms of energy costs and jobs. If jobs are created, most of them will be created in tech areas and not in the areas of rural America that are hurting. And all this for dubious…

Yes There WAS A Housing Bubble

This article was first published by me at talkmarkets:

Scott Sumner is dead wrong about the housing bubble last decade. Here is his view on the matter, recently published on his interesting blog, The Money Illusion:

There are two powerful pieces of evidence against the claim that the US housing market was overvalued.  First, many who made that claim also said the same thing about housing markets in Canada, Australia, the UK, and other countries.  And yet many of those other countries did not crash.  Even worse, America’s housing market has mostly recovered, and yet I see almost no one currently saying “America’s in a huge housing bubble, and when it crashes we’ll have another Great Recession”.  So why continue to claim the 2008 recession was caused by a housing bubble that no longer even looks like a bubble at all?
The problem with his analysis is that last decade, mortgage rates…

Keynes and Trump Tariffs

This article was first published by me on Talkmarkets:

It is important to look at the arguments for tariffs in the Great Depression era of the 1930's if we are to understand the full danger they bring to the world.

In modern times, the basic argument against tariffs is of course, the complexity of the world we live in. Something labelled made in America may have parts from different nations. Same holds true with something made in Mexico. But in the days of the Great Depression, the complexity did not exist.

But in the Great Depression, the issue was a simple one. Tariffs are difficult to roll back. They cannot be applied temporarily. Of course, the argument that they could be applied temporarily was made by John Maynard Keynes, British economist, and the most influential economist of his time. keynes was a free trader who saw the need to modify his views as the Great Depression b…

Hitler Economics in the Age of Trump

It is important to look at all things Hitler when attempting to analyse Donald Trump. Examples of this are the similarity of their statements and actions, including the separation of children from their parents. This was a tactic used by Adolph Hitler for intimidation of Jews before and during the Holocaust.

While Trump's actions have not risen to the level of evil of Nazi Germany, the inability to relocate parents to children based on this flawed activity is certainly Nazi-like. The suffering of children and of parents who love them is disturbing. The crying and suffering has been documented. It is really a dreadful situation Donald Trump and his compassionless architect Stephen Miller have created. When Steve Bannon was fired by POTUS, Miller was retained. I thought at the time that was a bad sign.

Trump borrows many sayings and actions from Hitler himself! This is not to say that Obama and other presidents have not dabbled in detention camps, even to the point of separation of…

Will Canadian Boycott Start with Kentucky Whiskey?

This article was first published by me on Talkmarkets:

It is interesting to look at the products that Canada may decide to boycott if the trade war with Canada heats up. This boycott may be the only thing that shows Donald Trump that he is not winning. This boycott could end up saving America and Canada a lot of pain in the future but boycotts hurt.

While we hope things don't get so bad in Canada with trade tariffs that boycotts are needed, certainly they are a tool that could bring restraint to governments that are perceived to be out of control.

We know Donald Trump thinks that a pending trade war is just about leaders. That shows a misplaced arrogance. Boycotts can work and are a patriotic action. But they should be a last resort action if leaders fail to act.

Boycotting Whiskey

Boycotting whiskey could be the most effective of all boycotts. Whiskey was popular,…

Trump May Be Wrong About Winning a Trade War

This article was first published by me on Talkmarkets:

Donald Trump may be very wrong about the USA winning a trade war. Yes, the US imports the most, so it would theoretically win a trade war if it imported less. However, the impact of all this would fall upon the consumer. Producers could win in America, while consumers will surely lose.
America's Consumer Is Weak

The consumer in America may no longer be wealthy enough to withstand a major trade war. China and other nations have consumers who consume better quality products. They are simply not as austere as Americans are in their buying habits, as their savings rate is low, their debt is high, and their wages are weak.

Americans, as the decline in prosperity on mainstreet has hit hard since the Great Recession, buy based on price. Therefore, they will balk at higher prices. Companies may not be able to make it in Ame…

Regime Change

I reject the doctrine of regime change. It is a Zionist doctrine (Oded Yinon). It is also an American doctrine that has seen presidential assassinations. It has impoverished the middle east.

However, there are American politicians like Tulsi Gabbard who oppose regime change who may have backing from Russia. I do not know this for sure but I want to go on record as opposing all Russian interference in United States elections. I am not yet accusing Gabbard of Russian ties, but a prudent politician (oxymoron?) should know where every penny comes from.

We should have peaceful relations with the Russians. And we should limit our involvement in the middle east. But our leaders should make those decisions free of outside influence, whether it comes from Russia or Israel  or Saudi Arabia or any other nation.

I think our leaders are influenced too much by other nations. Whatever happened to the National Interest? Now we hear the US wants to steal Syrian oil. If nations don't behave, all i…