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Ah yes, I just had to put this site together. It is a protest and I mean business here:

Bollywood Hubpages

Bollywood had its start in the early 20th century, just a few years after Hollywood started making films. Bollywood and other Indian film hubs offer films with a high degree of professionalism, with very beautiful stars. I have both stars and movies listed at Bollywood Hubpages . I urge those who are interested in learning something about Bollywood to search that site. You will find beautiful people with biographies.

What Goes Around Comes Back Around

Manhattan real estate is tanking, and it will continue to accelerate downward. And really, this is just reward for a city that really hurt California. I am not talking about individual New Yorkers. But I am talking about some who resided in NYC and the wall street types who set up the liar loan system. That is why California unemployment exceeds 10 percent and why California could take down the entire economy of the United States. What Goes Around Comes Back Around

What Goes Around Comes Back Around

Manhatten and the rest of New York will tank as far as real estate is concerned. This includes commercial, condo and single housing RE. What Goes Around Comes Back Around

We Already Have One World Government

This is where we are. Be sure to read this as well as the link to my post in the Hubpage forum. We are facing a raid on the taxpayers throughout the world by the elite banks that we have no control over. We Already Have One World Government