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A great site for all you political bloggers. Get in the microblog game and promote your blogs on Twubs. You heard me right. Read all about Twubs. And give me an acknowledgement if you can bond with the service! Twubs

Twitter Twub: #bank

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I am posting to my networks, like blogger, plaxo, facebook andTwitter through Don't pay credit cards.

Is the Earth really a prison planet?

I really like the website. It gives an broad overview of world conspiracy and control by the elite. Whether you believe this elite has its foundation in history past or is more recent in power origin, clearly there is an elite that controls much of the world. Likewise, there is an elite that does not always work in the interest of the poor and middle classes. I draw the line at alien other planet leaders, but that is just a small disagreement with the New World Order the Gordon Brown says is already here. Is the Earth really a prison planet?

Economic Recession The Great Depression of 2009 Hyperinflation Soon

The tyranny of our government is really the tyranny of the financial system. But this hub relies too much on Fox News. While there are a few at Fox News who are against the control by the financial system of the government, historically that news organization has been a supporter of oppression, oil wars, fascistic behavior, etc. Economic Recession The Great Depression of 2009 Hyperinflation Soon

Why Can't I Walk Away From Govt Loans Like PPIP People!

What a con job upon the American people. You don't see me being able to walk away from loans for my kids for college. But rich bastards can walk away from loans if they make bad investments on PPIP toxic bonds. What a scam. They have non recourse loans while my loans are recourse. So much for equal protection under the law!!! Here is a protest site (mine):

Short Sale Recourse Loans

It is better to walk away than to sign a promissory note on a short sale. That amounts to a recourse loan and is not the American Way. Walk away folks. JMO as I am not a lawyer or investment counsellor: Promissory Note Requirements on Short Sales