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The Nuts and Bolts of Recourse/Non Recourse

Here are some nuts and bolts about recourse and non recourse loans. Here is a reminder. Never, ever, sign for a recourse loan. Please, and save yourself the heartache of serious worry and repercussions in the future.

First Door on the Left

This is funny. I like to see the bank lover, Faux News, down and out.

First Door on the Left: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Country Breakfast Casserole Recipe

This particular recipe is pretty standard, however there are some great cookbooks on this site. This is like a directory of great cookebookes. This Squidoo lens was lens of the day on 7/13/2010.

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Keiser Report №59: Markets! Finance! Scandal!

Max is funny here tracking the rich getting richer and how they are doing it.

Mutual Bond Funds Safe Haven in Times of Deflation and Financial Crisis

There is good information here. Investors want return of capital these days. There is not much certainty that there will be return on capital.

Mutual Bond Funds Safe Haven in Times of Deflation and Financial Crisis

My Belated Response to Walletpop

Walletpop blasted as the dumbest website ever. I have been singled out for the dumbest-website-ever award, and I am proud. The author is no longer an editor on Walletpop, but he is still contributing on other sites in the AOL system. I have no axe to grind against Walletpop, and they even followed me on Twitter @bgamall!

My New Blog

I will post on my blogspot blogs occasionally, however, I am posting more at which is linked to and complements it. I like the simple layout and the carnage from the credit crisis needs more of a reference to: Gary Anderson's Blog - Bravenet Blog (view on Google Sidewiki)

The Root Cause of Protest

The root cause of the protest is found in the paragraph explaining that the banks planned off balance sheet banking, as a means to hide bad loans, way back at basel 2 in 1998. This, along with the repeal of Glass-Steagall, which allowed banks to write swaps (insurance) against their risky loans, were the two most important factors leading to the credit reference to: Don't Pay Credit Cards (view on Google Sidewiki)

Don't Pay Credit Cards

Don't Pay Credit Cards is a website that gets to the heart of the credit crisis, and to the heart of your personal credit crisis. Find ways to escape intimidation and protest the crisis. You can opt for traditional credit advice, or join the protest and restore US sovereignty over the TBTF reference to: Don't Pay Credit Cards (view on Google Sidewiki)