Bob Woodward: Obama's Sequester 'Madness' - Business Insider

Bob Woodward: Obama's Sequester 'Madness' - Business Insider

I am sorry, but Bob Woodward sold America out in supporting the Iraq War, an illegal war, as John McCain said, for oil. Woodward wants the US to invade Iran which would be a big mistake.

He has already proven he is not interested in the security of the United States, but is more concerned with the security of Israel. I believe Israel is capable of defending herself. The US should not invade Iran, which could involve the Russians and lead to WW3, THE LAST WAR.

After WW3 the world will be incapable of fighting any more wars.

Anyway, here is proof Woodward lied for Bush/Cheney in rallying US support for an illegal war:


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