Business Insider Comment's Being Deleted. Post at Seeking Alpha and Patrick Instead

I actually love mixing it up at Business Insider. Henry Blodget's blog makes me think. And sometimes a lot of truth about the economy, and even bankers is shared there. There needs to be more talk about the evils of the big boys speculating but that is for a different article.

Someone has commandeered the Business Insider commenting system. There system is in the dark ages compared to Seeking Alpha, another Yahoo news source. Seeking Alpha has articles that are more in depth, in many cases. Lots of Business Insider traffic comes from fluff articles about fashion and someone selling a valuable house, etc. Seeking Alpha is nuts and bolts about investing and even about the dangers of investing.

Yet Seeking Alpha is gaining readers as Business Insider, still one of the most popular websites in the world, is losing readers.

I made an Alexa rank comparison today, with Seeking Alpha moving up to 450 most popular in the world, while Business Insider drops to 405. I am wondering if the drop at Business Insider has to do with a few insiders as they call them, getting comments seen more than the rest of us who comment. It is a system where comments are hidden for the rest unless you specifically click on those to be shown.

That discourages commenting. Yet commenting at Seeking Alpha is robust and you will be seen, not shoved into oblivion like what is happening at Business Insider.

Then you have comments being deleted as being offensive at Business Insider. It is annoying that whole lists of comments can be deleted. This is likely not being done by BI, but by folks taking over the site and clicking on the offensive tab en masse. I don't know for sure, and I will update this article as soon as I find out.

But as it stands, adding this annoyance to not being an insider, even though I published over 60 articles there, is a pain. I have recently published an article at Seeking Alpha that was accepted, while it was rejected at BI.

Here is the article: Is May 6 the Day of Reckoning for the New Housing Bubble?

I had to add an investment strategy in order for the article to qualify after it appeared on this blog here.

But anyway, my frustration with Business Insider has more to do with the acceptance and publishing of comments. I had a good run there. I had over 60 articles published as I said. I will submit from time to time and may get published again.

I like to get my viewpoint known, and understand that there is no pay in it, although I may try to submit an article to Seeking Alpha that is original, not from this blog, and get paid. We will see.

But the point of this article is that the commenting system at BI sucks. They need to fix it. They need to include everybody.

I highly recommend Seeking Alpha as a place to make your opinion heard, as well as where you have forums based upon subjects. Patrick has done a good job being a hang out for those with a point of view on real estate and real estate scamming by the uber connected. 

You can post articles that you find helpful at, and even use a browser button to do so. I will continue to post BI and SA articles at Patrick, and hope BI gets its act together regarding the posting debacle.


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