John Stossel Is Really a Crony Capitalist!

What people need to understand is that John Stossel is not what he represents himself to be. He is a crony capitalist, and wants to protect this predatory system. I know, he says he is not a crony capitalist. But when you blame the poor and the CRA instead of going after the shadow bankers who made the majority of the bad loans and who were coddled by Greenspan and the central banksters at Basel 2, then you are obscuring the issue. And when you don't speak out against Rick Santelli who said that people just made a bad bet and were "losers", when they decided to get a mortgage no money down, then you are crony capitalist. Santelli is the epitome of crony capitalism, because real responsible bankers, not scam artist bankers, actually care what kind of loans their customers get. They actually care to protect their customers from making bad bets and becoming losers.
The Tea Party leaders, Stossel, Santelli and his CNBC buddies could care less about putting a curb on the leverage practice of the big banks.. Their view is that you let the banks leverage up again and then just don't bail them out. While I don't support bailing them out either, think about what that easy money would do to the average guy on the street if he is caught up in another bad mortgage scam! It is the responsibility of bankers to make sure people don't get too much mortgage just like it is the responsibility of a used car salesman to sell you a car that is worth what the dealer says it is worth. The Tea Party, Santelli, and Stossel don't seem to understand that. So they can say they are against crony capitalism but it doesn't mean a thing.
Stossel then makes the case that taxation is stealing. I would say that taxation without representation is stealing, but that taxation in and of itself was never considered by the founding fathers as being theft. Stossel, by using these hot button issues, gives the appearance of being of the people, but don't be fooled. He is for the banksters.


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