Judge tosses mortgage 'robosigning' case in Vegas - Business Insider's Conflicted History

Judge tosses mortgage 'robosigning' case in Vegas - My News 4 - KRNV, Reno, NV

Robosigning, and deceptive mortgage handling practices are not rackets according to our pathetic justice system. There was an obscure article on Business Insider that should have been on the front page but wasn't, exposing the rackets of the banks. Now we see that the judges are still in on the racket, and robosigning is not a crime in Las Vegas.

I wonder if Henry Blodget, owner of Business Insider, forgot about this article by Larry Doyle, that got a whopping 220 pageviews! That means no one saw the article, because when an article like this makes the front page of Business Insider it should have thousands of views. This was a very important article.

Now, BI did run a few articles on Robosigning. But I didn't see any other articles exposing the fraud of not counting these crimes as RICO crimes. RICO could have put banksters in jail. They are teflon, the true mafia dons now.The banksters are the mafia dons, not the gangsters.

Racketeering was even in the initial criminal complaint cited by Mr Doyle. Which banks were accused of racketeering? This is what Larry said and the banks involved in this racketeering charge:

Banks “engaged in a pattern of unfair and deceptive practices” and made “false or fraudulent” claims to the federal government, according to an eight-count complaint filed in U.S. district court for the District of Columbia.
A “pattern of unfair and deceptive practices”? As in “on a regular basis” or as a “normal course of business”? In layman’s terms, can you spell, R-A-C-K-E-T??!!
In settling, the five banks—Ally Financial Inc., Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., J.P. Morgan Chase & Co . and Wells Fargo & Co .—neither admitted nor denied guilt.
Larry has said that the banks did much more than just robosign, which is a fraud upon the court. That judges could care less about fraud on the court is just disgusting. These judges are disgusting. But the banks did much more: the banks were alleged to have overcharged, and done other things against the populace. All of this is pattern. In RICO, intent does not have to be proven, only a pattern of corruption. But these banks are above corruption because our justice system has failed America. 

The Las Vegas decision (link above) is disappointing, but shows the absolute corruption of the justice system. Robosigning was a fraud on the courts and the courts don't care.

But for Henry Blodget to say in a post in an article on BI that he is tired of people calling these bankers criminals is as disgusting as the banks' behavior, which would have been subject to RICO in a just world. Las Vegas is just the culmination of a process started to absolve the banksters of crime. But saying it isn't crime, Henry Blodget, just doesn't make it so.



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