Law firm: Phoenix lawyer dies from shooting wounds - Yahoo! News

Law firm: Phoenix lawyer dies from shooting wounds - Yahoo! News

No shooting is justified. But some Yahoo commenters said that this Fusion Company appears, on the surface to be a bully and perhaps unethical. We know that British multinationals are buying up America. There is a lot of investment money coming out of the UK, since there is a lot of money in the UK financials.

I am not sure what the financial sources of Fusion are, but the UK is definitely buying up a lot of America according to a real estate agent I spoke to recently. 


  1. Nice and very informative. I am studying this problem and I must say that your article has helped me a lot.

  2. Thanks. While this may or may not apply to Fusion, I see British companies as being particularly aggressive. That little island didn't become the world power it is by being nice. The Royal Family is just a form of deception making it seem that the UK is made up of a bunch of nice people. In finance, in the Square Mile, that most certainly is not the case and in economic expansion the Brits are still imperialistic!


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