Occupy Wall Street Should Avoid Libertarian Solutions

While I agree with the analysis of Ron Paul and Karl Denninger, I don't agree with their libertarian solutions, regarding cutting budgets massively. I agree with them regarding prosecutions. I would like to see the OWS force the banks to give back money to the treasury. But I am against the concept of some in the Tea Party when they say we cannot help the unemployed or that social security should be killed and medicare should be killed or that no jobs programs should be created. That is libertarianism, and should not be a part of the OWS movement at all!
The Tea Party was against bailouts, but bank runs have to be bailed out, but with the government taking an interest in the bailed out banks. And then the banks need to be regulated to stop speculation rather than be unregulated as the libertarians want. Something to consider, OWS!


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