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The Richard Wyckoff Stock Trading Method - Stock Manipulation from the 1930's 

PRESENTING: The Secret Trading Strategy From The 1930s That Hedge Funders Don't Want You To Know About

This is somewhat known to people, but I never knew there was a manual for hedge funds on how and when to drive stock prices up and down. The little guy could get killed in the cross hairs. Most interesting quote in the book:

"Those who understand it buy only when prices are low with the idea of selling when they are high; and they operate only in the stocks or commodities which they can move best so they may secure the highest possible rate of turnover of inventories."
Source: Wyckoff (1937)
This is one of the most important articles ever written on Business Insider. One interesting comment was made at the article, which basically noted that what used to take months, with manual trading in the 1930's now can be manipulated in the matter of days or even hours.

One interesting response to this article sums this up:

Break the law by coluding with others to drive a stock up or down and spreading fales rumors.


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