Wal-Mart turns around U.S. unit, but at a cost - MarketWatch

Wal-Mart turns around U.S. unit, but at a cost - MarketWatch:

While Business Insider was foolishly worried about the tax increase on payrolls, we can see the real reasons for Walmart's concern about the customer base and their finances:

The company’s Chief Executive Mike Duke said in a pre-recorded call the discount giant’s “core customers remain cautious about their finances.” “You can expect us to invest even more in lower prices,” he said.

Company executives said while Wal-Mart is cautiously optimistic about the improved employment reports, gas prices that have crept up again remain a concern. On the grocery front, while inflation is moderating, it continues to be an issue for many of the company’s customers.
Of course, futures speculation by the uber wealthy and their investment bank helpers are the main culprits for this rise in grocery and gasoline prices. 


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