Wall Street Banks More Dangerous - Business Insider

Wall Street Banks More Dangerous - Business Insider

Wall Street banks are held to different accounting standards than the real world banks everywhere else. This is such a scam. Using real world, international standards, JP Morgan only has less than 4 percent capital reserve. That is TERRIBLE. 

The toxic loans are still on the bank balance sheets. The author wants austerity, as he writes in other articles. Therefore, I posted these responses to this really good article:

Then certainly he [author] needs to know that we can't cut government stimulus if we hold the banks to the correct standards. It would double tank the economy. He needs to make up his mind whose side he is on.
What I was saying is that we need to up the assets of the banks, but it would tank the economy if we did austerity measures against the masses at the same time.

Still, this is a very informative article, and our banks are not out of the woods if the strongest one, JPM, only has assets in the 3 percent range. 


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