Hedge Fund Druckenmiller says Old Steal from the Young, Diverting Their theft

Druckenmiller On Entitlement Transfers - Business Insider

This article is pure crap. For one thing, the bankers are stealing from the rest of us. For another, it is the hedge fund/banker way to divert attention off their stealing through speculation in futures contracts leading to higher gasoline and food costs. The banksters want to divide us. It is disappointing that Henry Blodget allows this crapola to be published on Business Insider. It is pure crap. 

I emailed Julia La Roche, the author of this article with the following message:


I am sure you have showered after posting that Druckenmiller filth but realize that his buddies stole trillions from the wealth of seniors,

that his buddies are bidding up the costs of gasoline and food, and that this con of dividing us is what the banksters do.

If you consider the banksters as being international you are nothing but a traitor to America Julia.

Gary Anderson
Las Vegas, NV


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