What Is A Russian Oligarch? - Business Insider

What Is A Russian Oligarch? - Business Insider

This article shows how, even in Russia, the banksters always win. They got the spoils of the shift from communism to capitalism. Linette, the author of the article stated that the lesson learned was that you need to be in the right place at the right time.

I posted that that was not the lesson:

 No Linette, the lesson is the bankers always win. We see that in Cyprus, in the rates your dad receives in his passbook account, etc. It is theft, plain and simple.

Derivatives, even more than the national debt, have made it impossible for central banks to raise interest rates or else the member banks will be destroyed. So, instead of giving a fair return they steal what they have to to survive. From you and I Linette. 


Linette, if there was a free market, and no one knew which way interest rates were going, then there could be a market for interest rate derivatives. But the banks know they must stay low, and they always take that position and the floating rates while everyone else is afraid interest rates will rise and they take the fixed rate and lose money. It is a scam of the highest order.

It is the opposite of a free market. It is banksterism.


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