Caruso-Cabrera Is Lying Again About Stockton

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera joins the bond holders from Wall Street in wanting pensions to take less than legally required in Stockton. The reason why is so the bondholders can get more!

This is Wall Street greedily wanting more. The law protects the pensions. The money has to come from the bondholders. The law is the law. The pensions did not send the city into bankruptcy.  

Truth is, the Wall Street creditors only want to negotiate the system if  they cities hurt the pension funds The judge said that was not right! The judge let the city enter bankruptcy because the bondholders were holding the city hostage! 

Caruso-Cabrera lies in what she refuses to say, that she is on the side of the bondholders who are not negotiating in good faith because of their vendetta against the pension funds.

The CNBC pundit does not tell you that the bondholders want to be first in line for the assets of a bankrupt city and don't like playing second fiddle to a middle class bastion, the pension funds.

Here is the deal folks, pension funds are one of the last bastions of middle class wealth. Wall Street wants that wealth reduced in their insatiable greed to gain the upper hand.

And Michelle Caruso-Cabrera knows this very well.

I am sick of the bitch. She has sold her DAMN soul to Wall Street. She is arrogant and hurtful.


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