Tsarnaev Brothers' Mother Suggests Son Was Contacted By FBI - Business Insider

Tsarnaev Brothers' Mother Suggests Son Was Contacted By FBI - Business Insider

Update: Henry Blodget of Business Insider did step up and question why the FBI dropped the ball now that revelations of their interviews of the family are public. Looks like mom was not so crazy after all. And if mom is telling the truth, she was interviewed 5 years ago. Something is fishy. The FBI dropped the ball, but was it negligence or on purpose? Anyway, here is the article from Blodget.

Update: It has been brought to my attention that some of the statements of the mother seemed to be a bit nutty.  At some point, after this is all over, the FBI will have to produce the photo showing one of the boys dumping his backpack into the trash. Supposedly they have that picture. Perhaps it is evidence now, but in the future it must be released. We are still waiting for the Pentagon tapes to be released regarding 911.


This is a troubling development. It is not yet at the stage of the 911 interference by Cheney. However, the FBI could have talked to these kids a long time ago and told them they were being tracked. Then innocent people may be alive. today.

I am not accusing the FBI of actively encouraging these kids, and we certainly hope that is not the case. But the FBI could have spoken to these kids, or at least the older one, a long, long time ago. All they would have had to say was that the  politics of these boys not lead to violence. I bet this could have been nipped in the bud a long time ago. 


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