Two Proofs that Business Insider Has Sold Out to Big Money

While I always knew Business Insider would eventually be brought back into the fold, after allowing me and others to attack the banks for their evil deeds, they have completely sold out to big finance and big power in these two articles. I cannot aggregate these articles in the title of this post because it is simply too nauseating.

In a word, Henry Blodget, you make me sick.

The first article takes the view that hedge funds take it as a badge of honor that teachers unions are fighting back. But the truth is, it is a badge of shame and dishonor. The hedge funds are heavily invested in charter schools and are paying a lot of money to kill teachers' unions.

This is simply another attack on the middle class. This is just chipping away so that big finance has even more power and greed. It is nauseating. The title of Julia's work tells it all.

I posted this at the article:

Hey Greg, this is all about Charter Schools and this is all about greed. Wall Street did the same thing to pensions because they want the fees. They have backed off that since they know pensions have the money to take crap collateral off their balance sheets. No such luck for the teachers.

Julia, this title is wrong. BI is wrong on so many fronts these days. You have sold out and although I know you personally have sold out, Henry has completely sold out to the financial mob. It is sick. Grace's piece on George Bush is just sickening.
That brings me to the second article by Grace Wyler. I don't know if George Bush gave exclusive pictures, or if BI was paid, although it is clear that with the new W Bush presidential library these pieces are popping up all over the internet. So maybe BI could tell us some  day what was in it for them to publish such a disgusting article.

And who are the "everyone" who miss George Bush? The title is sickening and it is a lie. It is a bold faced lie. BI has no shame. I wrote this at the article:

War criminals and a boatload of evidence they were behind 911. I can't believe Grace would do this. This is terrible. I realize that W is paying to get his image restored but this is blood money BI. Henry, shame on you.
Again, I don't know if Henry was paid for this, but I know Bush is paying to have his image changed and if Henry took money that would just be disgusting. Maybe he could tell us?
But it really doesn't matter as the title is just plain nauseating.


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