Free-Market Conservatism Kills/That Damn Oklahoma Republican Governor Won't Mandate School Shelters

Daily Kos: Free-Market Conservatism Kills-Oklahoma Buildings Don't Have Safe Rooms Because "Regulation Rankles"

As tornado belt states subject themselves to horror and death, the leaders of these states, mostly red, don't want to tell anyone to get a shelter.  According to one official, "government regulation rankles".

Are you kidding me?

And on the Weather Channel just last night I heard the Republican governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin, a class one idiot, say that she does not support even placing mandatory shelters in new schools. What a damn idiot she is.

Democrats are far from perfect, and I don't like lots of what they do. That is why I am an independent. But Republicans are clearly unfit to rule in so many ways. Free markets? What free markets do we have when the bankers manipulate the markets?

But I digress. The free market mentality that does not force shelters in tornado alley is just stupid. Old historic buildings all had shelters. That is just what you did.

Now, Republican retard government would let citizens and children be subjected to tornado destruction in the name of a free market.



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