Germany's DZ Bank to end food commodity speculation | Reuters

Germany's DZ Bank to end food commodity speculation | Reuters

Step in the right direction, however, governments must end food and petroleum speculation. We can't just rely on the banks to help mainstreet. As long as they can tax main street with speculation as I have said all along, then there will be no recovery in Europe or in the United States, or in Japan.

Sure, China and Germany are making out ok but eventually they won't have anyone to buy their products if the middle classes are dumped on by the speculating banks. This move by DZ bank is both courageous and long overdue. 

From the article:

Groups such as Oxfam and Foodwatch have said such trading is responsible for pushing up international food prices and exacerbating famine in poor countries.
I have been arguing this point for YEARS, and this is mostly fallen on deaf ears. And we wonder why the economy is suffering. 


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