How Can I Get Out of Debt? - Yahoo! Finance

How Can I Get Out of Debt? - Yahoo! Finance

This is your typical losing Yahoo article about debt. It says pay your bills. Now, if you are in a multigenerational family, and plan to stay that way, you will have an easier time either 1. paying your bills or 2. walking away from your bills.

Credit scores are less and less important as time goes on for many folks. Many cities have lots of rentals where evictions are the  problem, not non payment of credit cards. Of course, if you play to borrow more or buy a house that is a problem. But why trust your fate to bankers who want to win and want you to lose if it is too their advantage. Be frugal, don't charge, and don't pay if family solvency is more important to you and your debt is large.

Don't be prisoners to the banks. Don't let the bankers tell you you are less than adult just because you aren't in debt to them!


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