Once Again a Natural Disaster Foils Republican Desire to Bury Obama

We all know what happened in the presidential election. Romney was trashing government and Obama. Then Hurricane Sandy came around and the President gave aid to the stricken states with what looked like the speed of light compared to Republican George W. Bush in the Katrina Fiasco.

Now the Republicans are hitting Obama again with Benghazi, the IRS "scandal", and the Fox News leaking "scandal". These were not sticking much with the American people anyway.

But now another natural disaster has come to a red state and Mr Obama has determined to shower the state of Oklahoma with federal aid.

The Republicans look, once again, as the obstructionist and useless political party that they are.

The IRS scandal is not much of a scandal anyway. The Tea Party was applying for tax exempt status and yet it was supplying a slate of candidates for the 2010 election. That doesn't look like tax exempt to me. There is an easy fix to the "scandal".

A thorough review of all these political operations, from Rove Crossroads to Move On, on both sides of the isle should be done. 

As far as the Benghazi scandal, it is pretty much proven that the administration was not linked to the delay in rescue of the foreign service personnel that died. Turns out that it could have been a covert CIA operation that Republicans would support. So much for that "scandal", though there is more to know.

But the talk of impeachment is outrageous. Obama voted against the war in Iraq. He has wound us out of war, slower than I would have liked.

The leak of information caused a Fox News reporter to be investigated. That "scandal" is perplexing because it is the Republicans who are always complaining about government leaks. So Obama wants to stop government leaks and it is a "scandal". I don't get it.

Let's remember one thing: the Republicans are determined to replace Democratic rule with a pro Israel government. Now, my natural father was Jewish and I am adopted.

But I don't support the risk of war in Iran. The economy is just too weak. Iran has not attacked anyone, despite inflamatory rhetoric, for 100's of years. And Iran seems to have backed off that rhetoric.

It may one day be in the national interest of the United States to make war with Iran. But it should be determined by those who put the national interest of the United States first, not the national interest of Israel first.

But with the Republicans, war has been a way of life since 2000. When I was contributing to Business Insider regularly I wrote about this fact about the Republicans. I hope you would all read these articles to see just what these political leaders have up their sleeves.

I do not trust the Republicans. For me, it is a question of a lesser of two evils in determining US political leadership. The Democrats are trying to reestablish their relevance to the real economy.

The Republicans want more of the same, more war, more economic advantage for the top 1 percent, etc. Is that what America really wants?

Please take a look at these BI articles I wrote that expose the Republicans agenda past and present. Please note that the Democrats are not without some responsibility for financial attacks upon the average Joe. But their war desires are far more restricted than the Republican love of war:

Romney's Missile Shield Is an Act of War Against Russia

Paul Ryan's Epic Rant Against Obama

The London Based Financial System Is the New Roman Empire

Mitt Romney and the Neocon Mind

The Republican Jewish Coalition Is Throwing Obama Under the Bus

As we can see, the tide of American politics turned from Republican triumph and certain war to a time of peace and Democrat rule. Neither party has done enough for main street, but the primary obstacle remains the Republicans. That is because they believe that financial prosperity will trickle down from the wealthy.

But now we know that the wealthy are skimming off the real economy with speculation in commodities, such as oil and food and building materials. Everything is more expensive than it should be based upon real demand.

We know that all markets are manipulated by the Fed, and it would be worse under the Republicans.

Republicans don't get the real wealth divide. They don't understand that we need an occasional wealth tax in order to remain solvent as a governmenta. Neither political party understands this and the MSM (main stream media) does not report on this concept:

CNBC Doesn't Get the Wealth Divide

Ultimately, the Republicans are much worse than the Democrats. They want to agitate the Russian Bear at the peril of WW3. They want to subject the American economy to possible severe distress for a war in Iran.

Some of them want the US government to stop helping out states like Oklahoma, and New York and Florida and California, when they have destructive natural disasters. We can't have the Republicans in charge as they have moved away from the center of politics and have become radicalized in a very bad way.


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