Republicans Push the Agenda of the Economically Fittest Exterminating the Poor

Republicans Push the Agenda of the Economically Fittest Exterminating the Poor:

From the site:

A Louisiana director of a primary care organization explained that in his state “If the breadwinner in a family of four works full time at a job that pays $14 an hour, he or she will be eligible for insurance subsidies. But if they make $10 an hour, they will not be eligible for anything.”
Truth is, the Republican fascist minority has proven itself as the enemy of the American people. If the above statement about the $14 dollar per hour fellow versus the $10 dollar per hour fellow is true, and there is no reason to believe this Republican, then the Republicans have forfeited the right to ever rule again in this country, not even counting their involvement in the 9/11 conspiracy.

This is a very troubling party of greed. God will have their souls and the Apostle Paul warned that they would oppress people. The poor will always exist, but showing no mercy will be judged.

The Republicans must truly think there is no God. And interestingly enough, they claim to be the party of religion. We know that this is just for politics, which will make them twice as fit for hell as everyone else. 

Eugenics is the embodiment of evil, and must be resisted at every level. The real soul of the Republican is manifest in Eugenics. The Democrats are not much better, as they rub shoulders with Eugenics proponents as well. But at least they have not put in place a plan to let people die without medical help.


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