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Paula Deen Gets Help From African-American Friends | WebProNews

Paula Deen Gets Help From African-American Friends | WebProNews Paula Deen has been characterized as one who wanted a plantation wedding. However, it appears from the witness of a black friend, Kim Michael Polote, that this was not how it was. He said there was nothing racist about it. He has known Paula for 16 years. Her other black friend has been her photographer and says she is not a racist. He has known her for 8 years. Paula Deen has been buried by reactionary corporations who have too much power in determining what people are able to buy. Consumers should be deciding on Paula Deen, not Walmart, or Sears, or Target, or Ballentine Books. Wake up folks. These corporations have way too much power.

Paula Deen Has Number One Book on Amazon

After the cowardly Ballentine books terminated the new book from Paula Deen, this previously published book became number one on Amazon: The issue now is one of both free speech and the ability of customers to purchase products from Paula Deen if they choose to do so. Because Amazon carries all her products, big box stores like Target, and Walmart and Sears become more and more irrelevant to the American shopper. The shopper wants to make the choice whether to forgive Paula for past racist remarks or not. It should not be up to the retailers to bury her business with their outsized power. It smacks of corporatism and a form of fascism to not let the customers choose. On Amazon, they are choosing and they are choosing in vast numbers in support of Paula Deen. They have forgiven her. Disclaimer: While writing about Paula Deen's mistakes of the past, I think banning her from stores is overkill. I support consumer choice. Amazon gives consumer choices. The links to Paula Deen

Howard H. Shore - Judgepedia | Boycott San Diego

Howard H. Shore - Judgepedia This Howard Shore is the putz who put a gag order on Jeff Olson for claiming he could get 13 years in prison for his "vandalism" with soluble chalk. Only problem is he could get a year and a thousand dollar fine for each violation. If he spends one day in jail, I say boycott San Diego forever. Forever.

New Investors Shouldn't Go to China, Starnes Says | I Say Starnes Is Greedy

New Investors Shouldn't Go to China, Starnes Says This greedy CEO, Starnes, says investors should not invest in China. But here is the story behind the situation. Capital ran away from the US, helping to destroy the middle class, along with the housing bubble. It fled to China. Now it wants to flee China and go to Vietnam or some other place, leaving the Chinese without jobs like it left the US without the good paying jobs. Only the Chinese care about their jobs and don't like being screwed by capital fleeing the country. And the government of China, unlike the government of the US, is not bought and paid for by the fleeing capital. So China let the workers imprison Starnes for a time to show him their displeasure with this capital flight from China. Too bad our government didn't stand up for us when jobs left for China in droves, leaving our middle class destitute. 

Paula Dean Will Make More Money Publishing Independently-Bypass the Big Publisher Cabal

Paula Dean will make a lot more money publishing her book with Createspace and her ebook through Kindle self publishing and Smashwords for the other suppliers. Now that her book has been cancelled by Ballentine , it is time for her to act! I hate racism, but Paula was raised in the south when things were very different than they are now. I think her fans of all races have forgiven her and she is not like George Zimmerman or those who have been shown to hate because of race. Zimmerman is innocent until proven guilty, but Paula just isn't in the same league.  So I advocate that she be allowed to publish and not let the cabal stop her. She needs to consider that they take a cut that is absurdly high anyway. There is too much big business in the US that can control what goes into stores. Freedom of choice is dead in this fascistic cabal that controls everything but what you think! And if they could, they would control that too.  Go on Paula, make the big publishers irrelevant

Boycott Bank of America and the City of San Diego for This Miscarriage of Justice

I urge everyone to boycott the city of San Diego for colluding with the Bank of America in bringing charges against Jeff Olson. I urge everyone to boycott Bank of America for the prosecution Jeff Olson for writing with soluble chalk on the sidewalk outside a Bank of America in San Diego. Are we going to prosecute little girls for writing hopscotch marks on the sidewalks now? Bank of America was part of the easy money lending scheme that ruined the middle class in America. This is a criminal prosecution influenced by a criminal enterprise, Bank of America. IMO, the bank is a criminal enterprise who allowed easy money loans with no underwriting even though it was against a 1989 law regulating Savings and Loans for having done the same thing! In the 1989 law, banks could only lend to those who could afford to pay the loans back. And apparently the loan officer who pushed for the charges, Darell Freeman, had links to crony cops in the gang unit who think they are seeing the exer

California man faces 13 years in jail for scribbling anti-bank messages in chalk — RT USA

California man faces 13 years in jail for scribbling anti-bank messages in chalk — RT USA Just another scumbag judge who should rot in hell for his corruption and hubris. This is the evil man who pressed this with his crony gang unit friends, an officer of Bank of America: Darell Freeman, the Vice President of Bank of America’s Global Corporate Security.  Freeman is a vile human being by any standard. So is the Deputy City Attorney Paige Hazard who filed the case.  Here is a phone number to register a complaint with the city of San Diego. I did:  (619) 533-5500

Problem for Housing Recovery is Regulation, Not Rates: Whalen | Don't We Need Regulation?

Problem for Housing Recovery is Regulation, Not Rates: Whalen | Daily Ticker - Yahoo! Finance Massive disappointment because Whalen, the man who first exposed the housing bubble of 2004 and the securitization of same, is now saying that there should not be regulations regarding the amount of loans folks can get! Chris, there has to be consumer protection because the banks have a job to insure you can only get a loan you can pay back! That should always be the law and has been the law before with the 1989 solution to the S & L crisis. W never enforced that law. Now you want the law to be ignored again? If I understand you Chris Whalen, I am very disappointed in you! 

CHART: Mortgage Rates Are Going Crazy - Business Insider

CHART: Mortgage Rates Are Going Crazy - Business Insider Bernanke did this on purpose to limit the affects of hot money that is grossly misallocated into housing. As I posted in response to this article: Simple, Bernanke wanted the hot money to exit real estate, while keeping interest rate swaps profitable for banks. What better way than to divorce risky assets from less risky assets. That is what Bernanke did on purpose. The 10 year yield is falling while misplaced hot capital is leaving junk bonds and housing. So, while Bernanke does not want to kill housing, he knows that 20 percent YOY rises in house prices are unsustainable. He got the message from NAR, when the RE folks said prices were rising too quickly. But when hot money leaves a market, anything can happen. When folks on CNBC say that housing can be flat and stable and intersect the trend line for price increases, it is much more difficult to do so when there are only cash and easy money bu

Clean-Up Workers and the BP Spill |

Clean-Up Workers and the BP Spill | Is BP trying to shirk responsibility? BP? No way. (I am being sarcastic.) But we know that BP executives are not that concerned with helping the little people unless it gets the courts off their backs. 

UC Regents, San Diego governments launch LIBOR lawsuit - Yahoo! Finance

UC Regents, San Diego governments launch LIBOR lawsuit - Yahoo! Finance Here is the shit list of banksters being sued for colluding on LIBOR and costing the taxpayers and governments massive amounts of money that could be in the billions of dollars: Bank of America Corp ; Bank of America NA ; Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd ; Barclays Bank Plc ; Citigroup Inc ; Citibank NA ; Cooperatieve Central Raiffseisen-Boerenleenbank BA; Credit Suisse Group AG ; Deutsche Bank AG ; HSBC Bank Plc ; HSBC Holdings Plc ; JPMorgan Chase & Co; JPMorgan Chase Bank NA ; Lloyds Banking Group Plc ; HBOS Plc; Royal Bank of Canada ; The Norinchukin Bank ; Societe Generale SA ; The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc ; UBS AG ; Portigon AG; WestDeutsche ImmobilienBank AG.

Bond Losses of $1 Trillion if Yields Spike, BIS Says

Bond Losses of $1 Trillion if Yields Spike, BIS Says The BIS is a lying sack of shit. First, the BIS and Basel 2 allowed off balance sheet banking. What did the BIS think would happen? Of course there was a bubble and crash. And no thanks to the BIS for "predicting" the inevitable. Then the BIS blames households for not deleveraging fast enough. Yet the BIS allows banksters to speculate and drive up commodity prices until they are blue in the face and then expects households to fix their balance sheets? Screw the BIS. It is a bank of central banks and they don't have the balls to protect the American citizens from the theft by the TBTF banks and their crony uber rich folks. I hate everything the BIS stands for. Hypocrites. 

China Has Courage to Protect the Real Economy. USA Lacks the Balls to Do the Same

China has announced that banks who help the real economy, conforming to official state policy, will receive liquidity in a financial crisis that could occur. The Chinese are fed up with speculation and the rise in commodity prices. These rises in commodity prices, which are screwing American main street as well, are taking a toll on the Chinese economy. It is time that nations everywhere adopt the Chinese policy. The USA is cowardly in allowing a QE, quantitative easing, that mostly goes to the asset inflation that the Chinese no longer want. QE that works requires regulation of speculation. We lack that regulation. I have been calling for this regulation for years. Finally, a nation, China of all surprises, is standing up to speculation and asset inflation. China cannot ban folks from the asset futures markets which are worldwide. They are controlled by the Anglo/American empire. It is the empire that is pushed by Niall Ferguson to be more warlike and evil. But China is seekin

Banks Present Own Crisis Plan to Fed - Yahoo! Finance

Banks Present Own Crisis Plan to Fed - Yahoo! Finance Just remember, if you deposit money into a bank, you are the bank's creditor. The banks want a plan where creditors take the brunt of their failures. You are a creditor if you have money in a bank.  Sure, the FDIC may be there for you, but I would not count on it. Derivatives get first pickings of the FDIC if anything could go wrong. 

8 Ways Banks Are Failing the Mortgage Settlement Act | Wall St. Cheat Sheet

8 Ways Banks Are Failing the Mortgage Settlement Act | Wall St. Cheat Sheet Since when have banks been held accountable for not following the law? First they failed to comply with the 1989 Financial Institutions Reform which made it illegal, in the wake of the S&L scandal, to lend money to people who could not pay it back. The government is hardly using this law, like it should be used even after the crash of the bubble caused by the easy lending! Second, they robo signed their way to properties they could not even prove were their own, and they couldn't even find the notes of sale. Third, they refused to keep proper paperwork with regard to loans and with regard to bonds issued to investors. Fourth, they are failing the Mortgage Settlement Act in 8 ways. And all the while the rule of law is trashed and the government lets the banks off the hook continually. No main street Joe has any business trusting a banks. Here is the lesson: banks are interested in offerin

How Bank of America Defrauded America (^GSPC, BAC)

How Bank of America Defrauded America (^GSPC, BAC) These companies have leadership that should be in jail. This lack of prosecution of the financial system is not only immoral but is also demoralizing to those who value and uphold the rule of law. This is lawlessness. 

Wall Street Got It Wrong -- but You Don't Have To (^DJI, ^GSPC, GE, INTC, MCD)

Wall Street Got It Wrong -- but You Don't Have To (^DJI, ^GSPC, GE, INTC, MCD) This is a report by Motley Fool, who should be known as Motley Stupid. Here is where the Fool is stupid. Most of QE goes to asset inflation. There simply cannot be a recovery on main street as long as we have asset inflation. It makes it impossible for the average guy to get ahead. QE only works in an environment of regulation of speculation. The money must go to main street, not to asset inflation. The Fool is Stupid, in capital letters. 

The History Channel Is a Shameful Excuse for Truthful Reporting the 9/11 Conspiracy

I watch the History Channel's efforts to debunk the 9/11 conspiracy and know they are shamefully lying through their teeth about what happened on that infamous day. I know the neocons called for and established a new Pearl Harbor. It was no accident. It was no random stroke of luck in order for America to enter the middle east and get the oil that, Wolfowitz said, was causing the nation of Iraq to swim on the black crude. I know that the rank and file firefighters heard explosions not related to the airplanes that plowed into two of the three buildings. I know that Air Force One was taken to the airforce base in Kansas where there was a party and where Warren Buffet had been invited to the party. I know that Air Force One was never next, as the History Channel reports. It was never going to be attacked. It was part of the plan to make W look like a victim of an attack. What a disgrace you are History Channel!

The Fed Makes Its Move - Yahoo! Finance

The Fed Makes Its Move - Yahoo! Finance Based upon my views of massive demand needed for treasury bonds as collateral at interest rate swaps clearing houses, I don't see interest rates on the 10 year bond skyrocketing. I will be very surprised if they do skyrocket. So far the increases from an historical perspective has been just a blip. See also my article at Seeking Alpha about Derivative Collateral Deflation.

Insight: Losses loom for investors enmeshed in U.S. mortgage chaos - Yahoo! News

Insight: Losses loom for investors enmeshed in U.S. mortgage chaos - Yahoo! News Bankers are blood sucking the investors now, and not just the borrowers. If anyone really thought that the bankers were not centrally at fault for the housing bubble they need their heads examined by a qualified psychiatrist. 

Hypocrite CNBC Rails Against IRS Bonuses After Firing Ratigan for Wanting WS Clawbacks

I hate the dirty rotten scumbag of a network called CNBC. They are railing against IRS bonuses but they fired Dylan Ratigan years ago for demanding clawbacks for Wall Street bonuses paid by taxpayer bailouts. This is a perverse Wall Street tool. You are a tool, Carney. You are a tool, CNBC.

Bank of America lied to homeowners and rewarded foreclosures, former employees say

Central Valley Business Times 7 former employees and contractors say that Bank of America is a blood sucking scumbag of an organization. 

Blackstone's Wein on CNBC Most QE Goes to Financial Assets

Blackstone is famous for buying up all the real estate and ruining house prices for potential main street buyers. Byron Wein of Blackstone is in CNBC now saying that 2/3rds of the QE goes to financial assets instead of to the real economy.  But CNBC thinks it is just fine. Wein is saying speculation is taking most of QE, and that is not good.

This Is What Is Fishy About the NSA Whistleblower Fiasco-The Carlyle Group

Booz Hamilton employed Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker. It is fishy that Booz Hamilton happens to by owned in the majority by the Carlyle Group. I did some digging into the Carlyle Group and found quite a bit of public information about them. First, the Carlyle Group is at the heart of the war on terror. They have a relationship with George HW Bush, who has investments with Halliburton in the Caspian Sea. I wrote on Business Insider that I believed the goal of the Neocons/Oil men was to get a pipeline built to those very investments along with strong support for Israel as a nation.  I had written that I had a theory about Obama's surveillance increases. I believe that Obama is watching the Neocons. If you add my theory to the known fact of our military's strong opposition to helping Israel and fighting Iran as commissioned in this study, then we have a serious internal battle of Neocons versus the government of the United States. (Update: This study opposing Israel is

US Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East? | Foreign Policy Journal

US Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East? | Foreign Policy Journal I support the existence of Israel. But I believe that a compromise must be reached or this article will come true. Israel must, must bend to the will of the United States and seek a real middle east peace. Otherwise, the military of the United States will refuse to cooperate with Israel, no matter what our civilian government will do. As a descendent of Jews and adopted into a Gentile family, I urge and plead with Israel to press for peace in the middle east with justice for the Palestinians. If they don't, America may pull support, at least at the level of the military. And who could blame them?  Retraction: This link may be false. However, it is clear that there is a war of sorts between the neocons and Obama. Here is more information on that possible war.

Hourly Compensation of U.S. Employees Declines Most Since 1947

Hourly Compensation of U.S. Employees Declines Most Since 1947 - Yahoo! Small Business Advisor Consumer spending is toast as business inventory increases while hourly wages decrease. That can only result in declining consumer spending. There is a recession on main street. Finance is taking an ever bigger part of the financial pie and has its thumb on America. The stock market, which is rising on expectation of increased consumer discretionary spending, could be a ticking time bomb. I don't give professional stock advice but all this does not add up or make sense. 

Don’t Read This if You Thought the Economy Was Improving - Yahoo! Small Business Advisor

Don’t Read This if You Thought the Economy Was Improving - Yahoo! Small Business Advisor Spending by main street consumers is hardly growing. The discrepancy between the wealthy and the average guy on the street is dreadful. This article is eye opening. 

Cavuto Tied the NSA to the IRS Scandal on 6/8/2013 This is a Republican Scam

There is a Republican scam going on. This scam is as follows. It is impossible for the Republicans to gain traction on the IRS scandal. That IRS fiasco is the Dems against a Tea Party that can hardly be thought of as tax exempt in any real world scenario. Yet they are. And Cavuto is yelling right now at the top of his lungs that this all is sans politics and is a worry that we have a police state. The point though is this, the Washington Post is politically only interested in defeating Obama. So is Cavuto. The Republicans are desperate to make a scandal stick to Obama. It is a scam. I discuss it more here. I didn't think, however, that it would take so long for the Republicans to tie the NSA information to the IRS "scandal" that isn't a scandal. The thing about this is that it also sells more papers. To have a situation where there is no scandal, and where things are getting a little better, and where there is much less war is not satisfying to those who: 1. w

How Government Gets Data From Facebook, Google - Business Insider

How Government Gets Data From Facebook, Google - Business Insider Finally, an article that makes sense. Here is the deal, the Washington Post is an ultra right wing organization. The Post has retracted their story that big tech allows government to spy on anyone without legal constraints. So this story in that context of denial by the Post of their original article makes sense. Here is the deal, homeland security visits sometimes and visited my website and it is no big deal. Looking at websites and spying on what I type into a website are two very different things. I view the Republicans as being very desperate right now. We have less war, better economics by a little, and less strife than under George W Bush in case you forgot. Remember that when you pick the lesser of two evils by a mile...the Democrats, at the polls. This blog is my alter ego. I want to appeal to beauty with a blog that doesn't have a thing to do with politics or strife. Nicer world. It helps keep me sane. Or at least more sane that I would otherwise be. 

Washington Post Retracts Spying Story - Business Insider

Washington Post Updates Spying Story - Business Insider My personal opinion is that there is spying through phone records, but most likely not spying through big tech in the way the Washington Post says. After all, the Washington Post is conservative and we know that the IRS scandal didn't get much traction with the voters. So I say the Republicans are out of control right now and should be obliterated at the ballot box for years to come. The phone records are a generic survey, not spying on conversations. Having said that, I think the war on terror is a scam. It was a scam from the beginning. I wrote about the 9/11 conspiracy here.  I suggest people take a serious read of that link as well as the BI link.The problem with Business Insider is that the blog attacked Obama unmercifully, and yet this article barely got to the top of the blog!

Lindsey Graham Isn't Sure If Bloggers Deserve 'First Amendment Protection'

Lindsey Graham Isn't Sure If Bloggers Deserve 'First Amendment Protection' - Yahoo! News I am calling for Lindsey Graham's resignation for being the two bit coward that he is. 

The Bearmageddon Scenario - Business Insider

The Bearmageddon Scenario - Business Insider : To this article I asked the following question. And it isn't just Weisenthal, if anyone else knows the answer to the following let us know. I don't trust the bankers and don't think things happen outside their control that much, but I don't know this for this particular case: I smell a bankers' scam somewhere. Joe, I was originally lead to believe that treasuries would always be in demand for collateral for interest rate swaps derivatives. Lending to corporations appears to be way down. Does this scenario of having too little demand for treasuries mean that interest rates must rise and banks are screwed, or does it mean that interest rates will rise because companies have a clause to get out of their derivatives within a 5 year period if interest rates stay low? Help me out here Joe. Are rising interest rates just another bankster scam or is there really little demand for treasuries as once believed? I am annoyed

Senate defeats Democratic, Republican loan plans - CenturyLink

Senate defeats Democratic, Republican loan plans - CenturyLink Watch out students. Your senate loves banksters and their wealth generating powers more than they love you. Your loan interest rates are going up unless you shame these scumbag senators to do the right thing. 

Fox News Just Said Darrell Issa's Arson Was Just a Youthful Indiscretion

A commenter on Megyn Kelly's America Live just said that Darrel Issa's arson event was just a youthful indiscretion! This is what Wikipedia says about Darrell Issa and charges that should have been filed against him: After leaving the military, Issa and his second wife, Kathy Stanton, moved back to the Cleveland area . They pooled their savings, sold their cars, and borrowed $50,000 from his family to invest in Quantum Enterprises, an electronics manufacturer run by a friend from Cleveland Heights that assembled bug zappers , CB radio parts and other consumer products for other companies. One of those clients, car alarm manufacturer Steal Stopper, would become the path to Issa's fortune. It was struggling badly, and he took control of it by foreclosing a $60,000 loan he had made to it when its founder, Joey Adkins, missed a payment. Adkins remained as an employee. [9] Issa soon turned Steal Stopper around, to the point that it was supplying Ford with thousands

Roach: The American Consumer Is Not Okay - Business Insider

Roach: The American Consumer Is Not Okay - Business Insider The American consumer is not back. And this is obvious when you consider the financial attacks on main street by Wall Street greedmongers. 

The Golden Truth: "Look Ma - No Hands!" - So Much For The Housing Recovery

The Golden Truth: "Look Ma - No Hands!" - So Much For The Housing Recovery Is this tanking of lumber prices proof that smart money is exiting the real estate phony bubble we have now? It will be interesting to watch.