Bond Losses of $1 Trillion if Yields Spike, BIS Says

Bond Losses of $1 Trillion if Yields Spike, BIS Says

The BIS is a lying sack of shit. First, the BIS and Basel 2 allowed off balance sheet banking. What did the BIS think would happen? Of course there was a bubble and crash. And no thanks to the BIS for "predicting" the inevitable.

Then the BIS blames households for not deleveraging fast enough. Yet the BIS allows banksters to speculate and drive up commodity prices until they are blue in the face and then expects households to fix their balance sheets?

Screw the BIS. It is a bank of central banks and they don't have the balls to protect the American citizens from the theft by the TBTF banks and their crony uber rich folks.

I hate everything the BIS stands for. Hypocrites. 


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