Boycott Bank of America and the City of San Diego for This Miscarriage of Justice

I urge everyone to boycott the city of San Diego for colluding with the Bank of America in bringing charges against Jeff Olson. I urge everyone to boycott Bank of America for the prosecution Jeff Olson for writing with soluble chalk on the sidewalk outside a Bank of America in San Diego.

Are we going to prosecute little girls for writing hopscotch marks on the sidewalks now? Bank of America was part of the easy money lending scheme that ruined the middle class in America.

This is a criminal prosecution influenced by a criminal enterprise, Bank of America.

IMO, the bank is a criminal enterprise who allowed easy money loans with no underwriting even though it was against a 1989 law regulating Savings and Loans for having done the same thing! In the 1989 law, banks could only lend to those who could afford to pay the loans back.

And apparently the loan officer who pushed for the charges, Darell Freeman, had links to crony cops in the gang unit who think they are seeing the exercise of justice in the prosecution of Olsen.

On top of all this, free speech cannot be brought up by the defense lawyer due to a ruling by the cretin they have chosen to be judge in the case.

What the F*** is wrong with the City of San Diego? Boycott the prosecutorial scum and vermin that live there. And if you live there fight that scum and vermin with complaints and make people aware so we don't have to boycott you again. If Olson spends one day in jail this boycott is permanent.

Here is the phone number to complain to:

 (619) 533-5500

Here is the City Hall number:

 (619) 236-6330

Here are city council members email addresses:

 Council President Pro Tem Sherri Lightner

 Councilmember Kevin Faulconer

 Council President Todd Gloria

 Myrtle Cole

Councilmember Mark Kersey

 Councilmember Lorie Zapf

 Councilmember Scott Sherman

 Councilmember David Alvarez

 Councilmember Marti Emerald


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