Cavuto Tied the NSA to the IRS Scandal on 6/8/2013 This is a Republican Scam

There is a Republican scam going on. This scam is as follows. It is impossible for the Republicans to gain traction on the IRS scandal. That IRS fiasco is the Dems against a Tea Party that can hardly be thought of as tax exempt in any real world scenario. Yet they are.

And Cavuto is yelling right now at the top of his lungs that this all is sans politics and is a worry that we have a police state. The point though is this, the Washington Post is politically only interested in defeating Obama. So is Cavuto. The Republicans are desperate to make a scandal stick to Obama.

It is a scam. I discuss it more here.

I didn't think, however, that it would take so long for the Republicans to tie the NSA information to the IRS "scandal" that isn't a scandal.

The thing about this is that it also sells more papers. To have a situation where there is no scandal, and where things are getting a little better, and where there is much less war is not satisfying to those who: 1. want to sell more news and 2. want to coax the USA into an invasion of Iran.

America cannot vote for another Republican. If you vote Republican the chance of war on a scale that spirals out of control is very great. No one can say if Obama will invade Iran, but as of this writing it is highly more likely that a Republican president would do so.

If you want war, and more government surveillance without court supervision like we had under Bush, then vote Republican. You may not live to regret it if nukes fly.


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