New Investors Shouldn't Go to China, Starnes Says | I Say Starnes Is Greedy

New Investors Shouldn't Go to China, Starnes Says

This greedy CEO, Starnes, says investors should not invest in China. But here is the story behind the situation. Capital ran away from the US, helping to destroy the middle class, along with the housing bubble. It fled to China. Now it wants to flee China and go to Vietnam or some other place, leaving the Chinese without jobs like it left the US without the good paying jobs.

Only the Chinese care about their jobs and don't like being screwed by capital fleeing the country. And the government of China, unlike the government of the US, is not bought and paid for by the fleeing capital.

So China let the workers imprison Starnes for a time to show him their displeasure with this capital flight from China.

Too bad our government didn't stand up for us when jobs left for China in droves, leaving our middle class destitute. 


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