Paula Dean Will Make More Money Publishing Independently-Bypass the Big Publisher Cabal

Paula Dean will make a lot more money publishing her book with Createspace and her ebook through Kindle self publishing and Smashwords for the other suppliers. Now that her book has been cancelled by Ballentine, it is time for her to act!

I hate racism, but Paula was raised in the south when things were very different than they are now. I think her fans of all races have forgiven her and she is not like George Zimmerman or those who have been shown to hate because of race.

Zimmerman is innocent until proven guilty, but Paula just isn't in the same league. 

So I advocate that she be allowed to publish and not let the cabal stop her. She needs to consider that they take a cut that is absurdly high anyway.

There is too much big business in the US that can control what goes into stores. Freedom of choice is dead in this fascistic cabal that controls everything but what you think! And if they could, they would control that too. 

Go on Paula, make the big publishers irrelevant!

Also, boycott Bank of America and the City of San Diego for prosecuting Jeff Olson for drawing on the sidewalks outside Bank of America with a soluble chalk!


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