Paula Deen Has Number One Book on Amazon

After the cowardly Ballentine books terminated the new book from Paula Deen, this previously published book became number one on Amazon:

The issue now is one of both free speech and the ability of customers to purchase products from Paula Deen if they choose to do so. Because Amazon carries all her products, big box stores like Target, and Walmart and Sears become more and more irrelevant to the American shopper.

The shopper wants to make the choice whether to forgive Paula for past racist remarks or not. It should not be up to the retailers to bury her business with their outsized power.

It smacks of corporatism and a form of fascism to not let the customers choose. On Amazon, they are choosing and they are choosing in vast numbers in support of Paula Deen. They have forgiven her.

Disclaimer: While writing about Paula Deen's mistakes of the past, I think banning her from stores is overkill. I support consumer choice. Amazon gives consumer choices. The links to Paula Deens products can result in a small commission for me. 


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