The Bearmageddon Scenario - Business Insider

The Bearmageddon Scenario - Business Insider:

To this article I asked the following question. And it isn't just Weisenthal, if anyone else knows the answer to the following let us know. I don't trust the bankers and don't think things happen outside their control that much, but I don't know this for this particular case:

I smell a bankers' scam somewhere. Joe, I was originally lead to believe that treasuries would always be in demand for collateral for interest rate swaps derivatives. Lending to corporations appears to be way down. Does this scenario of having too little demand for treasuries mean that interest rates must rise and banks are screwed, or does it mean that interest rates will rise because companies have a clause to get out of their derivatives within a 5 year period if interest rates stay low?

Help me out here Joe. Are rising interest rates just another bankster scam or is there really little demand for treasuries as once believed?
I am annoyed that most spell check lists bankster as being a misspelling of banker. We know that not all bankers are banksters, but we do know that all banksters are bankers. So, help me out, anybody. 


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