The History Channel Is a Shameful Excuse for Truthful Reporting the 9/11 Conspiracy

I watch the History Channel's efforts to debunk the 9/11 conspiracy and know they are shamefully lying through their teeth about what happened on that infamous day.

I know the neocons called for and established a new Pearl Harbor. It was no accident. It was no random stroke of luck in order for America to enter the middle east and get the oil that, Wolfowitz said, was causing the nation of Iraq to swim on the black crude.

I know that the rank and file firefighters heard explosions not related to the airplanes that plowed into two of the three buildings. I know that Air Force One was taken to the airforce base in Kansas where there was a party and where Warren Buffet had been invited to the party.

I know that Air Force One was never next, as the History Channel reports. It was never going to be attacked. It was part of the plan to make W look like a victim of an attack. What a disgrace you are History Channel!


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