This Is What Is Fishy About the NSA Whistleblower Fiasco-The Carlyle Group

Booz Hamilton employed Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker. It is fishy that Booz Hamilton happens to by owned in the majority by the Carlyle Group.

I did some digging into the Carlyle Group and found quite a bit of public information about them. First, the Carlyle Group is at the heart of the war on terror. They have a relationship with George HW Bush, who has investments with Halliburton in the Caspian Sea.

I wrote on Business Insider that I believed the goal of the Neocons/Oil men was to get a pipeline built to those very investments along with strong support for Israel as a nation.  I had written that I had a theory about Obama's surveillance increases. I believe that Obama is watching the Neocons.

If you add my theory to the known fact of our military's strong opposition to helping Israel and fighting Iran as commissioned in this study, then we have a serious internal battle of Neocons versus the government of the United States.

(Update: This study opposing Israel is not public information. There is a reliance on one CIA operative for the veracity of its existence. I don't know if it really exists. Even if it is proven to be false, it does not change my view that the military of the US is plainly against war with Iran on national interest grounds as shown below.)

This Neocon has called for a false flag against the USA and a blaming of Iran:

The Neocons want to be the rulers of the world, and believe, as Niall Ferguson does, in the expansion of the American Empire. The Neocons would take out Russia in their dreams, and they want to increase a cold war mentality with Russia, which view is directly opposed to the national interest of the United States. 

Whether the study exists or not, clearly there has been a purging of Neocon military men from the US government as we see from Veterans Today.

Indeed, the study itself, if it exists, commissioned by the military, viewed Israel as being opposed to the national security interests of the United States. The study concludes that Israel is not salvageable any more than was South Africa before Mandela.

I would hope that would not be the case. As a descendent of Jews but adopted at age 3 months into a Gentile family, I want to see Israel take its place among the nations in a secure, fair and lasting peace. But I fear our military could be right. Zionist policy may not reflect the national security interests of the United States!

So, I was digging around for Carlyle's place in the scheme of things, and found that Carlyle is a war profiteer with a strong connection to the Bush family. 

Carlyle may have strong connections to Zionism. If we remember that Zionism is not Judaism we can have a real debate about our national interest in relation to Zionist goals. Zionist goals are closely aligned with Neocon goals of world domination. It is not hard to understand. If you had 6 million people killed in Nazi Germany, you would want to be top dog too.

But, the ends justify any means with these folks. And those means have caused to US government to reconsider if that attempt to be top dog is in the national security interest of the United States.World domination goals with certain nuclear risk is worth reconsidering.

In other words, do we risk war with Russia, war with Iran, oil issues, all to be top dog with our allies, Israel. Or do we seek to fit in with the other nations of the world who do not support the US ambitions or Israel? Is the security of Israel worth it if Israel refuses to bow to the wishes on the part of the US for restraint, and peace with the Palestinians?

Those are the sort of questions that are being asked by the US military. That is something for all of us to ponder.

I am reminded of Larry Eagleburger's interview on Kudlow a few years ago, before he died. He said there would be exchanges of nukes with the Russians. I don't think our military has that Neocon madness or appetite for exchanging nukes with the Russians!

And if you don't think that there is a serious war of ideas taking place, look at how Cavuto on Fox News practically yelled in his fragile voice that the NSA revelations were linked to the IRS scandal in principle!

Now, I want you to know that I am not privy to all the information that the government or the Neocons who oppose our government have on each other. I am puzzled with the response of one of the most rabid Neocons, PNAC founder Bill Kristol, who appears to be taking the president's side on the NSA leak situation.

If my theory of battle between the US government/military versus the Neocons is true, what is Kristol's motive? Is he afraid of political fallout that would happen if the Republicans are viewed as being unpatriotic?

In my view, Kristol has only one motive, to keep Republicans in the political game so that they can win the next presidency and go to war with Iran. The Neocons want world domination, and they have a financial interest in the war on terror, as it is known that Pakistan has oil resources, and the Caspian Sea pipeline is not yet secure.

With the advent of oil shale, this all may be ambition that is totally irrational. But I have never thought that the Neocons were a rational band anyway.

At any rate, the debate should be on. As a descendent of Jews, I am America first. I live here, not in Israel. America has a responsibility as the power in the world to temper that power with reason and rationality.

With Russia sending an aircraft carrier into the Mediterranean Sea to protect her interests, it is worth noting that the US has not commented. Truth is, Israel is not a central part of the US national interest at this point, and is opposed to the current national interest of this nation.The US has carriers in the Red Sea and that is in the US national interest.

That Russian aircraft carrier is serious business. It is time for Israel to change and change fast. It is time for Israel to join the family of nations because what will the US do if there is a military exchange between that aircraft carrier and the nation of Israel? At this point it would seem that the US may do nothing.

The people of the US are weary of foreign entanglements. 

Richard Haas, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, opposes foreign entanglements with the threat to US strength coming from within. While he is too loyal to the bankers, this view is refreshing.

Joint Chief of Staff General Martin Dempsey has said that attacking Iran is a really bad idea.

Meanwhile, the Neocons are saying America has lost her nerve. But let's get real. The world economy hangs in the balance if there is a war in Iran. The stakes are high, from a Great Depression to WW3. Is it an acceptable risk to go to war with a country that talks belligerently but has not initiated war in 200 years?

Real conservatives, who are wary of foreign entanglements, do not think that is an acceptable risk!

If that isn't motivation for Israel to look deep inside and change her foreign policy and internal policy agendas, I don't know what is.

So, is Snowden part of a Neocon conspiracy based upon the Carlyle connection? That is hard to prove. But, even if Snowden leaked out of motives that had nothing to do with the Neocon position, the Neocons are smart enough to come down hard on the leaks for political advantage. The Neocons want to come across as uber patriotic, even though libertarian Republicans are opposed to the surveillance.

But know this, the Neocons are in a no holds barred intellectual war with a president who has given us peace, at least in a relative sense. The Obama Administration is spying on the Neocons, Fox News Reporters and the like. That could be based on paranoia, or more likely perhaps on a suspicion of Neocon opposition to the national interest of the USA. 

See, the Neocons are not as patriotic as you think. In reality their patriotism starts with Israel and not with the United States. That is the con. And war is what they strive for.

Or have you readers forgotten what it was like under George W Bush with beheadings daily and hundreds of thousands dead, accompanied with financial strife of a hurtful housing bubble, and accompanied by the philosophy of endless war in the middle east?


  1. Great article! Unfortunately, the pen has lost its power! It's all about who has the biggest guns now!

  2. It is about shear power. It all rides on the ability of the US to exert her national interest rather than the interests of the neocons and Israel.


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