Washington Post Retracts Spying Story - Business Insider

Washington Post Updates Spying Story - Business Insider

My personal opinion is that there is spying through phone records, but most likely not spying through big tech in the way the Washington Post says. After all, the Washington Post is conservative and we know that the IRS scandal didn't get much traction with the voters.

So I say the Republicans are out of control right now and should be obliterated at the ballot box for years to come.

The phone records are a generic survey, not spying on conversations. Having said that, I think the war on terror is a scam. It was a scam from the beginning. I wrote about the 9/11 conspiracy here. 

I suggest people take a serious read of that link as well as the BI link.The problem with Business Insider is that the blog attacked Obama unmercifully, and yet this article barely got to the top of the blog!


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