Alex Jones of Prison Planet Is Doing a Great Disservice to America

Alex Jones is doing a great disservice to America and to his readers when he advocates libertarianism. While I agree with him on the 9/11 controversy, having written the ebook False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies, I totally abhor his libertarianism.

He attracts racists commenting on his website. He attracts the dregs of the earth to comment on his website. He attracts folks who believe racism should be a civil right. He attracts folks who believe the liberals are racist against whites. He attracts people who are afraid based on race.

Many of these people aren't too bright. Their comments amount to a few words, a few grunts. They comment and foment their venom and it just is sick. Yet Jones apparently tolerates all that.

There is something wrong with the guy for tolerating that crap.

Maybe he can come here and explain to me why he does what he does. By supporting libertarianism, he undermines the 9/11 truth movement because his followers are mostly thick as bricks because libertarianism has stunted their minds.

As far as libertarianism is concerned, I wrote about it here:

It shows the weakness of assumptions of libertarianism, which is best described as the elevation of self to godhood. Sometimes the way Alex Jones acts is with an arrogance that betrays his spiritual corruption. That opinion is based upon observation and on his failure to clean up the site.

The economics of libertarianism appeals to conservative people who want balanced budgets. Yet many historically libertarian authors believed in helping the poor. So, what does Alex want, an end to social security and an end to unemployment insurance? Why?

The turnover of money as of this article, the velocity of money, is tanking Alex. Stopping people getting social security and unemployment insurance will surely tank the velocity of money further.

And it is the Republican neocons who have spent more money than anyone else. And it has been on war. Way more was spent on war and helping the bankers than spent on the poor, Alex. 

Even Dwight Eisenhower believed that people who wanted to do away with social security and unemployment insurance were fringe people. Now that was a Republican we need today. But the party would never elect Eisenhower.

So, why can't the libertarians who continue to vote Republican see that they are being played and are supporting the warmongering neocons? I don't get you, Republican libertarians.

And those of you who aren't Republican have a better chance at peace voting for Democrats. Obama is belatedly winding down wars. Have you not noticed? Obama is the lesser of two evils when it comes to war. You need to take this to heart, all libertarians. You will never elect one of your own, ever.

You can't take this to heart, because you think people should be able to refuse Obama or any race you don't like, a seat in your restaurant. You hate the civil rights act of 1964 because you want freedom to express racism. Even those of you who say you aren't racist want racism to be a civil right. You are wacko people on this issue and you are making the 9/11 truth movement look bad.

I am ashamed of you, Alex Jones, and you need to rethink your whole philosophy and teach your retarded followers the truth about the evils of racism.


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