How American Jewish Leaders Are Undermining U.S. Foreign Policy On Jerusalem

How American Jewish Leaders Are Undermining U.S. Foreign Policy On Jerusalem - The Daily Beast

Abraham Foxman is not accepting the rule that Jerusalem's final nation or nations must yet be determined.

This is the ultimate result of changing American foreign policy from that article link:

 Considering the fact that the U.S. sees East Jerusalem as the future capital of a Palestinian state within the framework of any two-state solution, it is difficult not to see this reaction by prominent American Jewish leaders as anything but an affront to the notion of a just two-state solution, and to the U.S. effort—however meager and inconsistent it may be—at acting as an effective broker of Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Now, my natural fathe was Jewish. I am adopted. I am not Jewish but am a descendent of the Jews as to race. (Gentiles as well) I receive Mr Foxman's emails regularly.

So I emailed Mr Foxman about the false flag call by Gentile Patrick Clawson, which was explained in my ebook, False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies, saying he or anyone else must repudiate this call for a false flag regardless of opinion on going to war with Iran.

He never responded back. And he reads his email. This is quite disturbing.

So, we have a very influential man, Foxman, now undermining US foreign policy, and now silent on the call for a false flag that likely would have occurred had Mitt Romney been elected.

This is all very disappointing. I will email this article to Mr Foxman and see if I can get a response. 


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