Iowa Supreme Court Is the American Taliban

Iowa Court Affirms - Business Insider

Here is the bottom line: The Iowa Supreme Court violated the rights of a working woman, employed for 10 years, who didn't flirt with her boss, when it permitted the boss to fire her.

I was thinking that maybe she should have covered herself from head to toe like an extreme Muslim woman so that she could have kept her job.

It was the responsibility of the employer to get counseling. It was the responsibility of the court to do the right thing and not protect an employer who could not control himself. 

The Iowa Supreme Court set women back, and sent their own personal weaknesses to the front of the line. Shame on them.

As I wrote at Business Insider regarding this article:

 All states but one are at will states. This has nothing to do with right to work. However, this particular situation makes the Supreme Court look like the Taliban, defending behavior that is vile and disgusting.

In this case she is being fired for her sex. That is plain discrimination and should not be covered by the at will permission.

I think she has civil legal recourse. JMO. 


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