Radical Islam Didn't Shape the 9/11/2001 False Flag Attack

Radical Islam, the use of force and Jihad, was not the cause of 9/11. Yes, radical Islamic folks desired Jihad, but they didn't have much power or influence. They could not have pulled off 9/11 by themselves, and the truth is, they may have been only marginally involved. Truth is, the neocons shaped and used the tendency toward Jihad, which most Americans should not and do not sanction.

It is difficult to sort out the scope of Islamic involvement in 9/11, but the US architects of the false flag were very involved, and were able to make these deeds happen. They left a few loose ends, that direct people to their involvement. They did make mistakes causing people to doubt their veracity.

My ebook, False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies comes to terms with the real thinking of the neocons, exposing just what is in their hearts for all to see. It is my sincere hope that you get the book and read it. It is coming out on audiobook, reachable at the same link as the ebook. Look for it.

The ebook could change your life and your thinking going forward.


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