Senate Banking On Wall St. Commodities - Business Insider

Senate Banking On Wall St. Commodities - Business Insider

Here were my comments on this article about justly running over Wall Street:

It is either crush main street or crush these hell holes of greed. I hope she crushes these banks both in the physical commodity speculation and the gobbling of futures contracts. America cannot afford this any longer and neither can the world.


Coke warned Goldman a long time ago not to manipulate aluminum prices:

Real companies and the consumer are getting screwed at the pump, in the store, and Henry has been silent Linette. Time for him to speak!

It is time that our government started to protect us from the abusive hidden private tax we pay so that these banks, bailed out by us, can gouge us. Talk about an immoral bevy of beasts we have created here! Time to lop off their horns. 

Severe government penalties should result or vote any politician out that refuses to go along with that. And make the hedge funds subject to the same penalties.


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