The Truth about Detroit and Wall Street Interest Rate Swaps Scams

This is the truth about Detroit, and it is time that people wake up to what the Republican governor of Michigan and the turncoat emergency mayor are doing:

The city should walk away from the interest rate swaps forced upon them by the banksters. These were a con. The governments look to protect against higher interest rates. The tbtf banks know Bernanke has their backs and won't allow higher interest rates. So the banks bet on low rates. The governments can't get loans without having interest rate swaps forced upon them. It is a massive scam against the city and governments everywhere. It is a Wall Street Scam. And so, the emergency mayor is a turncoat Wall Street supporter. Michigan messed up in electing Republicans to bail out Wall Street here.
People need to wake up. This bankruptcy of Detroit is all about Wall Street. 


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