You Could Beat Any Team with this Celtics Dream Team

I think I could put together a team of Boston Celtics who could compete with any team imagined. Now, the Lakers could be formidable, and the Rockets with all the great centers. But here is a list of Celtics, the five plus two subs, who could compete with any team on the planet. Now, you have to figure that Bill Russell would have been a little taller had he been born later in history. So would his contemporaries. So he would be center.

Here is the Celtic list and assumes that they were healthy. I realize Shaq played part of a year, but he was injured and was unable to really become himself in a Celtic uniform. The Lakers would claim him:

Center Bill Russell

Power Forward Kevin McHale

Small Forward Larry Bird

Shooting Guard Sam Jones

Point Guard Bob Cousy

Bench John Havlicek
            Kevin Garnett
            Paul Pierce
            Nate Archibald
            Robert Parrish

I think these guys could play any other team competitively.  The second team if healthy could beat the first team a good percentage of the time. I eliminated Bill Walton, key to the 1986 team that was 40-1 at home because he really belongs to the Portland Trailblazers.     


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