You F**king Banksters Are About to Get Yours You Bastards-From the Fed!

The Fed Says They Are 'Reviewing' Decision That Allows Banks To Trade Physical Commodities - Business Insider

Here are just some of the comments from Business Insider:

From DesTex:

Does this mean that the artificially high price of crude Oil will finally come down, as all hot money invested in it get forcefully divested?
One would hope so. But couple of weeks back when the jobless claims rose and last week when we got ominous signals from China's slowdown, the Oil price has continued its relentless upward surge. This thing has completely divorced from the laws of supply and demand and is now merely an item to speculate on. Would have been Ok, if it did not directly caused adverse effects on consumer spending and consumer confidence.
And me:

 All I can say is it is about damn time. Right Henry and Joe and Sam?

And me again:

Now all we need is a government rule for lopping heads for bankers who try to circumvent the rules.
And jamesxxxxxx:

 Commodity trading is almost pure speculation and rent-seeking - it's almost the opposite of 'capitalism'.

Can't these banks think to create some actual value for people instead of always trying to leverage their power over others?

And me again:

They would not be able to skim off the people if they could not speculate. They prefer greed over patriotism. They don't care what country, as it makes no difference. This just stops the physical trade, but they should be banned from the commodities [contracts] trading as well.

This call for rule changes makes it obvious that the banksters have so decimated MainStreet USA with financial oppression, that the Fed is doing this out of economic desperation. The Fed has admitted, in this consideration, that banks are now destroying mainstreet.

This does not stop bankers from churning contracts, making commodities scarce through making contracts scarce, even when there is plenty of the underlying commodity.

Now, there could be unintended consequences. If interest rates rise, pensions and corporations better get their money out of the TBTF banks or they could end up losing it to banks desperate for capital.

On, where I shared this article, a fellow posted that all markets are rigged. Truth is, markets are so divorced from reality that reality, mainstreet, is going down the tubes. Retail sales are very bad. Banks are destroying mainstreet as I said, and Bernanke knows it!

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