If Tiger Woods Destroys the Tournament All Time Win Record Will He Be the Greatest Golfer?

Tiger Woods is winning for the 5th time this year, winning the Bridgestone Invitational by a gazillion (7) shots. So, he has 79 wins and the all time leader is Sam Snead with 82 wins.

While there is some argument that all of Snead's tournaments weren't properly counted, Tiger is 37 years old and could play the regular tour for another 13 to 18 years! He is fit and he could obliterate the record.

My question to readers is, if he wins 105-115 tournaments and yet doesn't get 19 majors, would that qualify him to be the greatest player ever? I say it would.

We could have Jack Nicklaus with 73 tournament wins and 18 majors and Tiger Woods with 105 tournament wins and 17 majors. While Tiger will probably pass Jack, it is not guaranteed. He has had the jitters playing majors the closer he gets to the record. Jack was not chasing anyone who had accumulated over 11 majors, Walter Hagen!

So with 17 majors and a record that will never be broken, say at 105 wins, will he be the all time best?

What do you think?


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