Mike Doran Just Called for Syrian Regime Change. He Is Evil

Mike Doran served under George W. Bush and if you had doubts about the Bush position you just have to listen to Doran. He was on Anderson Cooper on CNN and he was the biggest and most dangerous chicken hawk.

Doran has revealed that Wesley Clark was right when he said that the neocon plan is to seek regime change in Syria and in Iran. These actions could result in nuclear war. The Russians will draw a line, and it could be with Syria or with Iran.

The talk from the Russians is tough. Lots of American analysts say that Russia will back down since they backed down in Libya and in Afghanistan. But that could be a grave miscalculation that could end up inflicting serious destruction on the middle east, including Israel.

My view is that perhaps Obama is placating the neocons by seeking to lob a few missiles. But Obama is adding to the lie by not coming clean on the likelihood that the Syrians didn't launch the poison gas. It is getting harder and harder to support Obama, depending on how far he goes to placate the neocons. That placation could tip into permanent war, which is what the neocons really lust for.

It is so important for us to realize that there was talk of a false flag in a western corporation back in January, 2013. That makes anything going forward suspect. I have my doubts that Assad inflicted this punishment. That false flag talk makes everything the west says to be suspect. 

And we have to remember that false flag information regarding possession of WMD's by Iraq was proved false, to the point where Cheney admitted it never happened. 


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