Senator Jack Reed Says Shoot Cruise Missiles At Syria Since It Seems They Did It

Senator Jack Reed came on to the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. He was asked point blank if the Syrian government attacked its own people with Sarin gas. Well, Reed said yes we need to at least shoot off cruise missiles.

But then he said regarding proof that it seems that the Syrians did it. Senator Reed was willing to go to war for what seems to be an attack by Syria on its people!

That doesn't seem like a good reason to go to war.

Our leaders are idiots, being led around by the nose by a neocon plan to take down nations in the middle east. That was planned when Bush was president but that makes it doubly wrong.

You have lies about these Sarin attacks, I can guarantee you. That is because companies in the west were caught talking about the false flag against the Syrian people. These people who planned the attacks are sick. But they aren't the Syrian government.

We have the most lying government that ever lived since 2000. There have been more lies about other nations and why we war and also coverups in our nation than any other nation in the history of mass media.

So, we can even go to war when a senator named Jack Reed of Rhode Island thinks we have a good reason. He can't confirm the reason, but it just seems like they did it.

Our world is in great danger with idiots like this running things.


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