Wolf Blitzer of CNN Is Lying When He Says He Knows the Syrian Government Used Chemicals

Blitzer doesn't know if Assad used these weapons on the recent attacks, because there is some evidence that it could be a false flag by the rebels. The rebels are not to be trusted. How can Blitzer trust them? Oh yeah, he is employed by the main stream media, bought and paid for by banksters and neocons. Obama needs to back off because Russia is going to kick our ass.

Nick Walsh, the phony international correspondent, says that the US must do something. He is from the UK. He doesn't know if the US should do something. He is being an expert when he doesn't know crap. It is time America stays out of war in the middle east. The sources "pressuring" Obama to act are three white guys, Rothschild, Cheney and Murdoch, who have a financial interest in oil development in the Golan Heights. The source of tension are these three and Israel.

This is madness, and the oil isn't important enough to risk world peace. Wake up Mr Obama. It is not undeniable, as Kerry says, that Assad used these weapons. Again, there is no proof that Syria used the weapons. Here is my article showing who likely could be responsible.

And remember, we lied about WMD in Iraq for oil. Now we are lying about the use of WMD for oil and pipelines once again? This is sick. 

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