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One Proof that 9/11 Was a Conspiracy - News - Bubblews

One Proof that 9/11 Was a Conspiracy - News - Bubblews

This article pretty much sums up the most significant physical fact regarding the 9/11 conspiracy. I realize there are many more, but the color of smoke and the change in the color of smoke is crucial to understanding the conspiracy and the crime. And a true and massive crime it was.

Why Judges Are Scowling at Banks -

Why Judges Are Scowling at Banks -

Here is one example that stood out in this article written by the only real financial reporter for the NY Times, Gretchen Morgenson:

BankAmeriscum harassed a couple who had a debt expunged by bankruptcy. Bank of America told him "too bad".

Then they proceeded to call him three times per day. Then BAC sold the rights to servicing the debt to another company who also hit the guy with illegal collection efforts. 

A Federal bankruptcy judge ripped Bank of America a new asshole, finding the crap bank in contempt of court! The judge then ordered the bank to pay $10,000 a month to the couple until the collections stopped!

Albert Edwards On Inequality And Housing - Housing Bubble Conspiracy

Albert Edwards On Inequality And Housing - Business Insider

This housing bubble conspiracy creates the illusion of wealth that is unsustainable. The banks win in the end anyway and your house price goes down. But the inequality of earnings is not helped by this bubble conspiracy.

Eurozone governments must give up more power to avoid another crisis, say IMF economists - Telegraph

Eurozone governments must give up more power to avoid another crisis, say IMF economists - Telegraph

The dickwads at the IMF call for more dilution of sovereignty by Eurozone nations. This can only end badly, IMO.

Jonathan Miller and the New CNBC Housing Bubble Doublespeak

It was amusing listening to Jonathan Miller on CNBC today say when asked if there was no housing bubble in America. He said there was no bubble! Yet, he then got into a discussion about interest rates and he said that price increases of 12 percent were unsustainable. He said that higher interest rates would take some of the froth out of the market.

Have any of you ever seen froth? Do you know what froth is? Froth is made up of, you guessed it, bubbles! But there is no bubble, just a bunch of little bubbles frothing up?

Froth foams up, and in fact, froth by definition is foam. It is foaming up by agitation. We are agitating to a housing bubble. Do you have a bubble when your washing machine froths up and overflows with foam? Of course you do.

Time to put the hammer on CNBC's doublespeak and Jonathan Miller's absurd distinction between froth and bubbles.

SHILLER Starting To Worry About A Bubble - My Take

SHILLER Starting To Worry About A Bubble - Business Insider

Robert Shiller has it wrong. There is a bubble anywhere that the first time buyer has exited the market. The ponzi process cannot function if first time buyers are gone. So, there is a bubble in Las Vegas, even if we are off the bubble high of the last decade, because the first time buyer has exited the building.

Labour vows to take on land hoarders as part of plan to ease housing crisis

Labour vows to take on land hoarders as part of plan to ease housing crisis | Society | The Guardian

In the UK they call them land hoarders. In the US they are known as hedge funds and private equity capital, like Blackstone.

Blackstone, you are a scummy land hoarder. The UK aims to stop it and I suggest the US does the same since the first time buyer has left the housing market, maybe forever!

NV Assemblyman Says 2014 Great For Republicans Since Young/Minorities Won't Vote!

This skank of a man, Pat Hickey, says it is a good year for Republicans in 2014 because the young and minorities won't vote. Guess he has given up on the young. We know he has given up on the minorities. They are already pissed at the Republicans. Time for the young to be pissed off by the Republicans as well.

Remember, I am no fan of the Democrats but the Republicans are much worse for America and more sold out to the banksters and endless war.

Lustik of the Times Has Some Right Ideas About Israel and the Middle East

I posted this at the Daled Amos blog in response to their comments to the article from Lustik and the New York Times:

I don't agree with Lustik about a one state solution. I believe in a two state solution. However Yinon Zionism is colonial and is a blueprint for regime change and war without end. It is wrong, evil, deathly, and is not sanctioned by God in any way. For people to post that the Yinon plan is not colonial is simply blind.

Israel is not threatened by her neighbors, but by expanding from the Wadi to the Euphrates you can certainly see a threat from Russia. Russia stands in the way of this madness. And I am an American who is distressed at the hearing of American Exceptionalism being mentioned by Obama and the neocons. Everyone knows we are the proxy for Israel in the middle east. We have no foreign policy of our own except that we do not now want to invade Iran.

Israel would put the whole world in danger by getting the US to invade Iran. And that is just st…

This time, Japan keen to learn from Fed's policy exit | Reuters

This time, Japan keen to learn from Fed's policy exit | Reuters

Wow, Japan was our blueprint for quantitative easing and the US is Japan's blueprint for exiting quantitative easing. 

There is something wrong with that picture. Like, wow, that does not exactly breed confidence.

The central banks apparently have no choice and must do QE but then once they stop apparently there is a big fricken crash.

QE steals from the poor through asset inflation. But pulling QE will hurt the poor through layoffs and tight credit.

With friends like central banksters, the poor and the so called middle class don't need enemies!

Idiot House Members Who Voted to Decrease Food Stamps in These Terrible Times

I hope these evil folks who voted to decrease food stamps in these terrible times, while voting to fund wars of aggression for billions of dollars are voted out. Here is the roll call for these mean spirited jokers:

Robert B. AderholtRAL-4Rodney AlexanderRLA-5Justin AmashRMI-3Mark AmodeiRNV-2Michele BachmannRMN-6Spencer BachusRAL-6Lou BarlettaRPA-11Andy BarrRKY-6Joe L. BartonRTX-6Dan BenishekRMI-1Kerry BentivolioRMI-11Gus BilirakisRFL-12Rob BishopRUT-1Diane BlackRTN-6Marsha BlackburnRTN-7John A. BoehnerROH-8Charles Boustany Jr.RLA-3Kevin BradyRTX-8Jim BridenstineROK-1Mo BrooksRAL-5Susan BrooksRIN-5Paul BrounRGA-10Vern BuchananRFL-16Larry BucshonRIN-8Michael C. BurgessRTX-26Ken CalvertRCA-42Dave CampRMI-4John CampbellRCA-45Eric CantorRVA-7John CarterRTX-31Bill CassidyRLA-6Steven J. ChabotROH-1Jason ChaffetzRUT-3Howard CobleRNC-6Mike CoffmanRCO-6Tom ColeROK-4Chris CollinsRNY-27Doug CollinsRGA-9K. Michael ConawayRTX-11Paul CookRCA-8Tom CottonRAR-4Kevin CramerRND-1Rick CrawfordRAR-1Ander …

Is Pete Carroll Seattle's actual coach? -

Is Pete Carroll Seattle's actual coach? -

Peter Carroll believes in the 9/11 conspiracy, or is close to it. This is probably why someone is trashing him. Rubenstein must be a neocon Yinon Zionist. I am not saying definitely that he is, but it is worth a look in the light of this trash he wrote.

Ex-UK PM Blair's Daughter Held at Gunpoint in London

Ex-UK PM Blair's Daughter Held at Gunpoint in London

Is this karma for the evils Tony Blair engaged in, from possible involvement and foreknowledge of 9/11 conspiracy to the blood in Iraq shed for phantom oil reserves for Royal Dutch Shell and BP? One wonders.

How the Federal Reserve Safeguards the Financial System | Breakout - Yahoo Finance

How the Federal Reserve Safeguards the Financial System | Breakout - Yahoo Finance 

This article and Matt Nesto are a jokes. The private Fed bank makes decisions based upon the needs the banks have, not the needs main street has. Main street is suffering daily, and look how much the price of a barrel of oil was up today, as the Fed kept QE in place. They are directly related.

The Fed is pond scum, and needs to be taken over by the government, and the TBTF banks need to be unwound. Now.

Non-Economic Reasons The Fed Is Tapering - Business Insider

Non-Economic Reasons The Fed Is Tapering - Business Insider:

From Business Insider an astute observation that I have written about at Seeking Alpha:

Federal Reserve purchases of government debt via quantitative easing already account for an overwhelming majority of new issuance from the Treasury, and if the central bank doesn't reduce the amount of bonds it is buying as the Treasury reduces the amount of bonds it is issuing, the Fed purchases will account for an even larger share of the market than before.

This, in turn, would necessarily mean a reduced supply of Treasuries available to other market participants. Because Treasuries – one of the few remaining AAA-rated financial assets on the planet – are used as collateral in a host of transactions throughout the financial system, continued Fed purchases at the current monthly pace as issuance declines could weigh on the financial system's ability to lend and lead to an increased risk of further destabilization in the Tr…

Most American Jews Do Not Support Zionism Unless They Are Neocons

Most American Jews feel at home in the USA. They harbor no ill will toward Israel. But they do not consider Israel a homeland. They do not consider Zionism as being Judaism. Judaism is a religion to them, not a nationalistic movement.

Neocons are made up of Jews and Gentiles but started out as a Jewish nationalistic movement. The elites often accept Neoconservatism. It is a dangerous movement when it seeks to force policies and actions against the United States. My ebook, False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies gives a stark appraisal of Neocon thought and deed.

Neoconservatism would be less dangerous if it just accepted the borders of Israel and accepted the regimes of the middle east as they are. But we have gone over the regime change, endless war, and the expansionism that Yinon Zionism requires. American Jews as a whole do not support that aggressive Zionism that requires continual killing and subversive behavior at home and abroad.

It would be great if American Jews put their stamp …

Crazy Neocon Cohen Supports World War 4, General Petraeus, and Israeli Illegal Expansion

Forget about World War 3. How about World War 4? Well, Eliot Cohen, a neoconservative, advocates World War 4. Neocons count the Cold War as World War 3, and seek to fight the war on terror, not as a temporary war, but as war without end.

We have to understand that the neocons, in the early days, accepted the concept of Yinon Zionism, which advocated the expansion if Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates, gobbling up Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, half of Iraq and all of the Sinai.

That neocon vision has wrecked havoc upon the United States and threatens to do so again and again as I wrote in my ebook, False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies. Adding to that vision is logical, but evil. Adding war and a continual World War 4 to the mix is certain to cause increased danger to the middle east and mass killing that is simply not humane, nor in the national interest of the United States.

I have written that Yinon Zionism is not sanctioned by God. It is sanctioned by the ideas of mostly atheistic Zioni…

New Covenant Theology: Who Is in Charge of the World? I believe the Cabal Is Identifiable

New Covenant Theology: Who Is in Charge of the World? I believe the Cabal Is Identifiable

Here is a list of folks in charge of the world, or at least the western world. And these folks need to disagree, because that is the only way their power will be limited. If they are on the same page, risk of WW3 becomes very great indeed.

Yes, the Syrian Rebels DO Have Access to Chemical Weapons | Washington's Blog

Yes, the Syrian Rebels DO Have Access to Chemical Weapons | Washington's Blog

In case you all didn't think the rebels had sarin gas, read this about Syria's civil war. Stay out America!

The Unholy Alliance of Big Banking, Neocons, Big Media and Israel

There is an unholy alliance of big banking, neocons, big media and Israel. While most of those relationships remain hidden from public view, there is a concrete revealed manifestation of that relationship in the granting of oil exploration rights in the Golan Heights. The nation of Israel granted Genie Energy, a corporation, exploration rights in the Golan Heights for oil.

Now, the Golan Heights is controlled by Israel but belongs to Syria. If Assad or any strong leader in Syria is ousted and the country becomes a divided nation, Israel will have access to that oil.

The shareholders who are on the advisory board are from banking, Jacob Rothschild, from the neocons, Dick Cheney, from the pro Israel media, Rupert Murdoch.

From the Wikipedia article entitled "Genie Energy", we see that Genie previously announced a strategic advisory board whose members provide strategic direction and council. Its members include former Vice President Dick Cheney, Michael Steinhardt, Jacob Rot…

Brilliant Video Exposing US Criminal Relationship with Israel

I don't agree with Nathanial's religious positions, but this is a brilliant video, a must see video. He was born Nathanial Kapner, a Jewish boy in NYC:

Militant Yinon Zionism, Genesis 15;18 and the True Understanding of Christ

New Covenant Theology: Militant Yinon Zionism, Genesis 15;18 and the True Understanding of Christ

The literal explanation of Genesis 15:18 is the reason militant Zionism seeks war and disruption in the middle east. But God has not authorized the nation if Israel to do this. It does not have the same authorization that one sees in the Old Testament. The Old Testament has ceased to exist and this expansion into a Greater Israel is just plain evil and destructive.