Crazy Neocon Cohen Supports World War 4, General Petraeus, and Israeli Illegal Expansion

Forget about World War 3. How about World War 4? Well, Eliot Cohen, a neoconservative, advocates World War 4. Neocons count the Cold War as World War 3, and seek to fight the war on terror, not as a temporary war, but as war without end.

We have to understand that the neocons, in the early days, accepted the concept of Yinon Zionism, which advocated the expansion if Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates, gobbling up Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, half of Iraq and all of the Sinai.

That neocon vision has wrecked havoc upon the United States and threatens to do so again and again as I wrote in my ebook, False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies. Adding to that vision is logical, but evil. Adding war and a continual World War 4 to the mix is certain to cause increased danger to the middle east and mass killing that is simply not humane, nor in the national interest of the United States.

I have written that Yinon Zionism is not sanctioned by God. It is sanctioned by the ideas of mostly atheistic Zionists with ambitions for Israel that are greater than warranted. I have written in my website,, that the misinterpretation of Genesis 15 in the New Covenant age is a prescription for nuclear war. The gospel is not for sale, so I won't go into that view further here, other than to say there is a better way for the Jews (a New Spiritual Zion), than fighting for expansion of a physical land.

Another dangerous neocon, former CIA director James Woolsey, gave a speech using these words just before the definitive neocon work regarding WW4 by Cohen was published:

 But, I would say this. Both to the terrorists and to the pathological predators such as Saddam Hussein and to the autocrats as well, the barbarics, the Saudi royal family. They have to realize that now for the fourth time in 100 years, we've been awakened and this country is on the march. We didn't choose this fight, but we're in it. And being on the march, there's only one way we're going to be able to win it. It's the way we won World War I fighting for Wilson's 14 points. The way we won World War II fighting for Churchill's and Roosevelt's Atlantic Charter and the way we won World War III fighting for the noble ideas I think best expressed by President Reagan, but also very importantly at the beginning by President Truman, that this was not a war of us against them. It was not a war of countries. It was a war of freedom against tyranny. We have to convince the people of the Middle East that we are on their side, as we convinced Lech Wałęsa and Václav Havel and Andrei Sakharov that we were on their side.
Norman Podhoretz is another neocon who also advocated WW4, stating that regime change in Iraq is needed. Remember that CNN, in the Syrian conflict paraded neocon after neocon onto the air advocating regime change with Assad. This is all in keeping with the Yinon Zionist vision to break the Arab states into tribal territories incapable of national rule. This chaos is supposed to strengthen Israel according to the plan.

It is interesting that President Obama appeared to support the neocon version of things as expressed by Woolsey, that we should convince the Middle East nations that we are on their side. Indeed, Obama did just that with the ill fated Arab Spring. Yet he was accused of being a muslim for it, while in reality he was working for the neocons and Israel's ambitions!

And then, there is even a dreadful website, that supports the idea of continual war on terrorism. As Obama abandoned the Global War on Terrorism label, this website in the mission statement says such abandonment is Orwellian. But don't be fooled friends. There is nothing less Orwellian than Zionist border expansion and continual war. It is a form of imperialism which Orwell would detest were he alive.

When you consider that General David Petraeus is a friend of the neocons, especially Eliot Cohen, you understand why the general jettisoned the policy of Colin Powell, which called for massive victory or no going to war. Powell did not believe in these long and drawn out wars that had no end. Of course, the neocons, both Jewish and Gentile Neocons wanted continual Yinon Zionist wars in the Middle East, and found a general who enjoyed fighting on and on no matter the toll on the soldiers.

Petraeus was so disturbed in his thinking that he relished the fight in Afghanistan that lasted over a decade. Even the biggest war to date in terms of destruction and loss of lives in world history was WW2 which lasted only 5 years.

So Petraeus fundamentally changed the mission of the United States, throwing out not only the Powell Doctrine, but also cementing strategy for the Vietnam type of war that only seems to end when the citizens start voting out their representatives who support those wars.

It must be said that the neocons use Nazi Germany as the model for their views, saying that appeasing the terrorists would be the same as appeasing Germany leading up to World War 2. However, this is a neocon lie of immense proportions. The goal of the neocons is very Nazi-like.

As Germany expanded borders, the neocons want Israel to expand her borders and establish a superior nation, thereby dominating the Goyim. You have to wonder why so many Gentiles would want to be involved in this seemingly racist imperialism unless they are just using the neocons for their own ends.

Why would Petraeus and others be so gungho to strengthen Israel to the point where a Nazi-like dominance would be the result! I just don't get it. 

I would hope that whatever form the national aspirations of Israel take on, that it would not be one that views Jews as a superior race. That would just be devastating. My natural mother was a Gentile and my natural father was Jewish. I would hate to see any race take the view of superiority. It is not healthy and is not right and it has caused untold damage to world affairs!

God's chosen, if you take the Christian view, are from Jew and Gentile and are not simply the nation of Jews. The nation of physical Jews is not chosen in the New Testament age. That is right. As a nation, Israel and the Jews are not chosen like the nation of Israel was chosen in the Old Testament.

Failure of the Jews to understand this could bring a fundamental miscalculation that could destroy the world in nuclear holocaust.

It has to be pointed out that there is nothing in the bible that makes Gentiles superior to Jews or Jews superior to Gentiles. There is one new man in Christ. Any efforts of any race to prove it is superior is doomed to a very bad end. I caution the Zionists to carefully consider this truth.

Even if you don't take the Christian view, consider that the separation of church and state in any nation has proved to be the most stable form of government. Wars based upon the superiority of religion and/or race are the most devastating of all wars. We know that and cannot continue to repeat that mistake. The human race cannot survive escalation of these religious/racial wars!

Fighting wars in the name of Christ or for any other religious cause is just wrong. Even Christ said His Kingdom was not of this world. His war is not physical at all. Haven't we learned about the damage wars of religion have been throughout history? Enough is enough!

It is clear to me that the Zionists labor under a false confidence and a false sense of pride and the fall could be great, not only for them but for the world if this thinking continues to result in war and conflict.


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