Lustik of the Times Has Some Right Ideas About Israel and the Middle East

I posted this at the Daled Amos blog in response to their comments to the article from Lustik and the New York Times:

I don't agree with Lustik about a one state solution. I believe in a two state solution. However Yinon Zionism is colonial and is a blueprint for regime change and war without end. It is wrong, evil, deathly, and is not sanctioned by God in any way. For people to post that the Yinon plan is not colonial is simply blind.

Israel is not threatened by her neighbors, but by expanding from the Wadi to the Euphrates you can certainly see a threat from Russia. Russia stands in the way of this madness. And I am an American who is distressed at the hearing of American Exceptionalism being mentioned by Obama and the neocons. Everyone knows we are the proxy for Israel in the middle east. We have no foreign policy of our own except that we do not now want to invade Iran.

Israel would put the whole world in danger by getting the US to invade Iran. And that is just stupid.


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