Most American Jews Do Not Support Zionism Unless They Are Neocons

Most American Jews feel at home in the USA. They harbor no ill will toward Israel. But they do not consider Israel a homeland. They do not consider Zionism as being Judaism. Judaism is a religion to them, not a nationalistic movement.

Neocons are made up of Jews and Gentiles but started out as a Jewish nationalistic movement. The elites often accept Neoconservatism. It is a dangerous movement when it seeks to force policies and actions against the United States. My ebook, False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies gives a stark appraisal of Neocon thought and deed.

Neoconservatism would be less dangerous if it just accepted the borders of Israel and accepted the regimes of the middle east as they are. But we have gone over the regime change, endless war, and the expansionism that Yinon Zionism requires. American Jews as a whole do not support that aggressive Zionism that requires continual killing and subversive behavior at home and abroad.

It would be great if American Jews put their stamp of disapproval on deeds and thoughts adopted by the Neoconservatives. A vocal opposition is needed and is happening in writings I see on the internet and in publications.

Truth is, young Jews in America are appalled by the occupation of the Palestinians. Can you imagine their disdain of attempts to expand Israel to the Euphrates and to Sinai through bloodshed?

Please note that I will not discuss my religious views here, that includes opposition to a militant Zionism. They can be found at However, I do want you to know that the only acceptable Zionism does not oppress the Palestinians by considering Israeli borders holy. The Old Covenant has passed and the borders are not holy and there is room for the Palestinians.

And we can be sure that the promises to Abraham in Genesis 15 were fulfilled by King David, as he extended the kingdom of Israel from the Wadi (river border) of Egypt to the Euphrates. That has already happened, so there is no need and no sanction for Yinon Zionists to reestablish that kingdom. It is, in fact, very dangerous to consider doing so.
 In 1985, the President of Israel, Chaim Herzog, a Labor Party leader, echoed the sentiments of Sharon and Shamir emphasized by Oded Yinon:

"We are certainly not willing to make partners of the Palestinians in any way in a land that was holy to our people for thousands of years. There can be no partner with the Jews of this land." As with Camp David, even a Bantustan on parts of the West Bank and Gaza would be but a prelude to the next "dispersal." Forcing 2.5 million Palestinians into Jordan is, another interim measure, for Israeli "lebensraum" [Hitler's infamous phrase meaning "living space"] will not be confined by the Jordan River."
The concept of Yinon Zionism, which does not allow for a Palestinian State and requires war and regime change in the rest of the middle east is viewed by leaders of Israel as being a religious view. But that covenant has passed and the holiness of Israel is found in the Spiritual Zion which I discuss at

The only physical Zionism that is politically acceptable is that which allows for a Palestinian state and for peace in the middle east is reasonable. It is fact that most Jews do not support continual war and displacement of the Palestinians. Israel has the right to exist because of the decree of the United Nations. But that decree did not give Israel license to bring chaos to the middle east with mistreatment of the Palestinians.

Likewise, war with the neighbors of Israel is not a holy war. Regime change is not sanctioned by God as a holy war. Yet Israel and through the neocons, the USA, have taken the position that regime change is holy. It is like the USA has made a religious assessment that Israel is in possession about the truth in this matter when she does not possess the truth.

Even Jews who do not accept my Christian position, which opposes all form of return of Israel to a former glory with sacrifices and holy temple, see that Israel is treating people unjustly and many children and others are dying because of the Yinon plan.

I emailed the President and most likely it was not taken seriously:

Mr President, the assumption that Israel is holy and that Yinon Zionism is holy, in this New Covenant age, is a misplaced religion of violence, regime change and chaos.

Why should the United States support this ill fated mission? Israel thinks God is on her side, but that is not true. She does not have the authority she had in the Old Testament times because that testament does not exist any longer.

Please reconsider supporting this middle east chaos, regime change, Arab Spring fomented by those interested in destroying relatively stable nations. It is wrong, and it is Unholy. Yes, Unholy for the United States to be adopting this religion.

Bringing the world to the brink of nuclear holocaust could be the end result and Christ will come back to judge the evildoers.


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